Я купил Studio, но не могу ею пользоваться

I just bought and paid for your player for a month. I downloaded the distribution kit on the iMac. But I can’t start using it. What’s the matter? I removed and installed it several times, but it didn’t help.

Try disconnect device. Go to your account page and log off. Restart mac, open Studio… enter log/pass and see. Then go to web account page and see date…

Everything did, as you said:

  1. turned off Studio
  2. out of account in the browser
  3. restarting iMac
  4. re-opened Studio, introduced Log / Pass
    Nothing changed, everything is also a warning about Tom6 that my subscription has expired.

I had previously taken a trial version, but I did not have time to use it. When it came up - a month passed. Then I bought the first month and decided to use Studio. Further you already know the story …

Write to Damien at support@audirvana.com


I had the same issue

Never been fixed


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