System preferences

Audrivana keeps opening System Preferences on start-up, even though it is already in Accessibility as being able to access iTunes. Also, the keyboard already works. Can I stop this repeated message, please?

After opening Audirvana play an album. Stop it but still select the album. Close Audirvana. Start aagain Audirvana and it should begin with the afore named album.

I’ve tried what you suggested: Albums, songs, playlists, but it still opens System Preferences at start-up. Is it because Audirvana is already in ‘Automation’ as having access to iTunes that I can’t put it in ‘Accessibility’?

Close Audirvana, remove it from those places in system preferences with the minus sign… restart mac, go to system preferences and add it on both places with plus sign… open Audirvana and see :grinning:

Thanks, but Mojave has moved Audirvana to Automation, instead of Accessibility. Automation does not have the +/- signs that Accessibility does, so I can’t remove it.