Tagging Oddities

I have in my music file a CD of Corelli, 35 tracks. Here is my Artist screen, in which you see 2 Corelli’s

One of the Corelli’s has track 35 only, the other entry has the other 34 tracks.

Here is my tagging file, in which there is no apparent difference among the primary fields of Artwork, Artist, Album Artist, and Album

Here are my metadata screens, in which there appears to be a difference between the Label and Release Date fields:

However, I cannot change the Label and Release Date fields in the metadata to make them identical, supposing that is what is creating the two Corelli entries. When I edit the fields, they simply revert to their previous value. I don’t even know how Label and Release Date fields got in there; I can’t find them in my tagging file.

Any suggestions?


Release date field s*ck big time…

If you remove label field, release date will vanished…, change cover, release date will vanished.,.

Remove field then save. Change release date then save.

If that album is from 1970 and early, that release date field will vanished, over 1970 it will stick, WHY?? I wish i know!

If you are on Studio, check your prefs, if one is on out of the two, or the two, it will/can add meta from musikbrainz database :disappointed:

I’m on Origin now, still the info window and released date field need IMPROVE

I managed to learn what Label and Release Date are. They were, in fact, in the tags:

However, Audirvana picks up the Label and Release Date for the Corelli with 34 tracks. For the entry with the 35th track only, Audirvana will not populate this field. And I cannot change it manually. When you populate this field with the correct value and hit SAVE, it returns to blank.

This seems to be a genuine bug.

In addition, I disable retrieval of metadata from MusicBrainz, supposing something was being retrieved that was causing this anomaly.

With MusicBrainz, Madonna could be playing sax on that Corelli album track… :slight_smile:

Yes. Things seem complicated enough in the tagging world with concerning yourself with MusicBrainz dragging in all kinds of extra information.

How do you escalate a problem like this to the Audirvana designers?

Designer (s) ?? :slight_smile: a chance i’m going to sleep :slight_smile:

I believe the problem arises because the 35th (last) track in the folder is somehow treated differently than the 34 tracks which came before. This is a cache problem.

well, in your picture shown above, the last track was not fully blue like the others…

i’m on a Mac…

And here’s another problem. Each time I rescan the file, the parameter controlling whether to retrieve metadata from MusicBrainz is reset to enable.

This application needs some work.

Euh… yes :slight_smile:

On top of this, I used to have a screen that looked like this:

Now I have one that looks like this:

which is unusable, and cannot be changed in the Appearances section by selecting large theme.

Is this application ready for use?

Is it time to go back to Roon?

on a Mac, you can hit cmd +
to make view bigger…
maybe on windows it is control + or - to change view…

I know that trick, and it didn’t work. I’m looking at Roon.

Enough is enough!

you can adjust the size here on mac or win… yours seems at minimum…

Thank you. My mistake and apologies.

just helping, not my software :slight_smile:

Appreciate your help. I do believe that this tagging apparatus needs some attention.

Audirvana designers: We need your help here.

That’s just where the cursor rested. It’s the same as all the other tracks.

Hi @DWR,

Can you send us one track of each of the two albums you have in Audirvāna Studio at support@audirvana.com. I would like to reproduce your issue on my side so it will be much more easier for us to understand what is going on.