The radio stops

Following the last update,
the radio stream stops after 7 minutes,
regardless of the radio station.

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Here also Radio stops. After stopping i have to restart the Computer to get access to Audirvana again.

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same here to me i am already in Contact with Support and send some support files.

I wait and listen to CD’s

me as well (Windows 11, latest AS). it would also drop out a lot too before giving up completely.

went back to TuneIn etc. for streaming. :upside_down_face:

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Short update, I’ve got some question from Support team about the Radio station i played so the Support team can reproduce the problem.

I replyed and test some different Radio station all have same issue and stop after fixed time (7min). I also not believe we all here are lisnting the same Radio Station :-).

So far no new feedback from Support Team.

(Hope this helps: before updating to 1.12.2, I only freeze once (or twice) a week in AS with FLAC playback. Radio playback ran without problems all day.)

Sorry to insist,
but the radio only works
a few minutes since the last update,
Foobar 2000 performs well in comparison,

someone to help us ?

Which radio station did you test? I’ve been listening to Radio Paradise Eclectic all evening. The 1411 kb FLAC stream and it plays without issues.

Hi, I test and listening mostly German station. I testet also some International over last weeks. Before i update to last Version Radio playback was more robust.

This come with the new Version, I just testet some more with different Quality but the time is always 7 min after playback stop.

@ sandsOfArrakis
can you confirm you use 1.12.2 (11202) on windows?

Apart from playing games on my gaming laptop I don’t use Windows anymore. I have AS installed on both my MacBooks. And so far, they’ve been playing radio stations without issues.

Schermafbeelding 2022-04-24 om 22.11.42

On both my Apple’s.

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good for you,

As I thought, this has nothing to do with the radio stations but with the Audrivana version for Windows and it may well be that many users are not affected. I’ll test the end of the week with a neighbor with Windows. I think this is due to the change in memory management, the previous version ran a lot better and since then (actually) nothing else has changed.


Hello everyone,

We have been able to identify this radio issue and fix it.

Can you try this test version and share if it worked or not?

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I don’t know how to install this update…

The .dmg file is for macOS. If you are using Windows you’ll need the 2nd one.

Windows 10 for me.

Hello Antoine,

the test version works for me,

thanks !

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Hi, I also Test this and still have the problem.

Not after 7 min now actually after 1h and ± 15min.

After this Time AS stop as descripted.

@Lucas did you play longer 1h?

thirty minutes maximum,
I try to listen longer

Studio 1.12.2 on MacBook M1pro , 5 hrs + BBC world service. Playing fine.

Playing fine Cz Republic station pasted into url FLAC 16/48, working quite nicely now! Good 10 hrs straight today.

@MacJK could something be timing out in your system? Internet dropping out for a slight delay? Just a thought

@OffRode good points.

Before Update to 1.12.2 the Radio playback runs stable. I don’t notice drops or other timing problems on my Workstation.

For example local FLAC playback runs very stable since the Update. Sometimes i forget to turn off and arrive in the office on Monday the system still play music :slight_smile: (after Weekend).

Before I switch to AS I use old WinAmp for Radio play back and never notice a drop or hang.
(But I increase the buffer to 64kb from 16kb on Win Amp, because on some stations it pause sometimes for 2-3 sec)

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To give you more information about what the issue was that the way we done the change of buffer was not accurate enough for the Windows framework (we thought it was smarter than we thought :sweat_smile:) and we had to make it more precise to not loose any second during the process.

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