Tidal continuesly askes to login


Last month when I start Audirvana it doesn’t connect to tidal however this is set in settings and nothing is changed by me. I continuesly have to confirm my tidal account. I already contacted Tidal support and explained the issue thorougly and they refer to audirva support since this causes the malfunction:

Hereunder my screen when starting up audirvana on my W10 pc

Herunder the screen that shows there is no connection with tidal

After confirming tidal account playlists are visible again.

Why is this?

Hello @Audioaddict, when you click on Connect, what do you have displayed? Do you have the Tidal login appearing?

I have to reconnect to Tidal each day when Audirvana is opened up the first time, only one time per day. I get a separate window pop up that basically says “Continue with Tidal login”. I click “Continue”. I don’t need to input my password, just need to click “Continue”. Windows 10, latest version of Audirvana. I have run the DB cleanups: Check Integrity, Rebuild The Indexes, and Complete defrag.

Hi Damien3

Yes I have, it works the same as in the dknk reply.

Without the DB rebuilding etcetera

Which version of Windows 10 and Edge do you have in your computer?

Dear Damien

The W10 version is 1903


Do you have an other software that could interfere with this login process?

I have exactly the same problem here. Tidal connection drops out then I have to login again to reconnect. This now happens on my two Windows 10 instances. One is headless so this is a real PITA.

Only started happening in the month of March. Problem with an update?

Its a new day so this is what i see when opening Audirvana the first time today. Only once per day do I need to do this as mentioned, sounds to me like some sort of cookie timestamp expiring? (Total guess there).

Dear damien nothing has changed no other software or hardware it started as of beginning March.

Same for me, each time I start Audirvana. Not very bothering, but why? Tidal works fine. Was not doing that before.
Win10 home V 1809

Hello guys, can you check if this window appear the first you launch audirvana of the day? The goal is to know if it open this window every 24hours.

I can confirm for me it does not open the window while Audirvana is running.

In my case at some time during the day, the connection is lost to Tidal. Usually discovered via the Remote app. Then when I RDP into my Music Server, there is no login window that has popped up, just all Tidal menu items do nothing.

Then when I quit and restart Audirvana, I get a error logging into Tidal window. So then I go into settings to manually login. The login dialog only confirms my username (not password), then everything is OK again, until next time.

Sorry but I don’t have any screenshots or can say there is a particular time of day this occurs. It does not appear to be activity related, as my Lounge instance does the same thing and hardly gets used at all during the day, my office machine gets 3-4 hours a day.

It might be more than once per day it fails actually, I haven’t been paying that much attention.


Okay, thank you for the report.

For me, it seems that it is just once a day, when I first open it. (Happened again today and every day for the past while).

Same process over here

Hello @Audioaddict, @dknk, @OneOddPhoton and @jako, we made an update of Audirvana Windows 10 with the fix for Tidal login that is now available. This update is 3.5.10.

Super! I will check wether the bug is fixed.

By the way, If other / worse problems occure can I then go back to version 3.5.9?