TIDAL: My Daily Discovery

How can I access My Daily Discovery in AS?

Also, I cannot see Mixes & Radio.


I have the same question. Any update to listen directly in AS My Daily Discovery?

Not yet. I’m hoping for better TIDAL integration as I still have to use the TIDAL desktop app to discover new music.

I’ve just signed up for Audirvana and I’m enjoying it. The sound does sound better. But six months since the original post and I’m not seeing any way of listening to Tidal’s My Daily Discovery. This is a tremendous way of finding new music based on your listening habits and I do use it every day. Does anyone from Audirvana read these posts to let us know if this is going to be added to Audirvana or not? And if it is going to be added, when?

Hello @BrianV,

There are things in Tidal that we do not have access to it for the moment and the Daily Discovery are part of what we do not have access but we do plan to add it in Audirvāna Studio since Tidal told us it will be available for us in 2022.

Hi @Antoine

Thank you so much for your reply. That is excellent news! I will certainly watch out for the addition of Daily Discovery to Audirvāna Studio with great interest. Fingers crossed Tidal make good on their promise!

Any updates on this?
Started enjoying Audirvana Studio about a month ago and would love to see daily discovery added to the interface.

Any news on integrating My Daily Discovery?

Is this feature added on Audirvana? I still can’t see it, not only My Daily Discovery but also My New Arrivals and My Most Listened. This topic is 2 years old and there is answer that that it will be available at 2022, but will be 2024… Any news for this?
Only app I can see these lists is mConnect, I have to press heart icon to make these list to my favorite, but even that, still Audirvana don’t show these list…

Hi @vcastceo ,

We do not have access to this feature yet, can you show us how you see those special playlists under mConnect?

Yes, of course. See attachment file.

This is mConnect screen capture, and it is even free version, that’s why some advertisement on bottom.
Paid iPad version also same.
Hope to see this feature on Audirvana soon!

Interesting, thank you for the screenshot :slight_smile:

I guess I will need to contact TIDAL about this :sweat_smile:

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That’s great. By the way, if user does not press heart icon on those 3 playlists(My Most Listened, My New Arrivals, My Daily Discovery) for set “Add” on Tidal web page or Tidal app, it will not showing on that MIXES & RADIO section. I of course press heart icon to add to My Collection, then it appears on that section.
Original Tidal - MY COLLECTION - Mixes & Radio section list is on mConnect app. I believe Audirvana also can do it!

This would be a great addition

I also hope so. Unfortunately I won’t see this feature until trial expires. I have to register soon…
I use Audirvana almost a month and I test many things during this trial period, there is many things have to be upgrade… for example and most desired features are;

  1. Newly added playlist of Tidal/Qobuz will not appear on playlist, newly deleted playlist of Tidal/Qobuz will not disappear from playlist, I have to stop Audirvana and run again on Windows. It means there is no automatic or manual refresh button or features for this, like manual sync local library button. It is annoying because I only use remote app and windows pc(NUC) is running behind audio rack without keyboard, mouse, monitor. I install VNC server to solve this…

  2. I can delete Tidal/Qobuz playlist by press … button and trash icon on Windows Audirvana, but on the remote app(iPad), there is no delete single playlist function on it. Only can delete individual tracks on playlist of Tidal/Qubuz.

Am I need to post these on new thread?

Please yes, you can group those two on the same thread.

Any news on getting the tidal daily discovery mix?

I also wait this…
Also there is no option when tidal provided special playlist save to my playlist with press … option… I found it just yesterday… it should be very useful option, with my daily discovery + my new arrivals…

Hi guys, I didn’t get any feedback from the API team of TIDAL. I will send them an email today about it.

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Oh, gosh, they don’t work like us. They should work very looooooooooosely, sure.
Money cow is running, no complaint from direct users, so… most of the complaint will goes to third-party software or device company instead of them, like nice shield. So they has no hurry at all, haha