TIDAL: My Daily Discovery

How can I access My Daily Discovery in AS?

Also, I cannot see Mixes & Radio.


I have the same question. Any update to listen directly in AS My Daily Discovery?

Not yet. I’m hoping for better TIDAL integration as I still have to use the TIDAL desktop app to discover new music.

I’ve just signed up for Audirvana and I’m enjoying it. The sound does sound better. But six months since the original post and I’m not seeing any way of listening to Tidal’s My Daily Discovery. This is a tremendous way of finding new music based on your listening habits and I do use it every day. Does anyone from Audirvana read these posts to let us know if this is going to be added to Audirvana or not? And if it is going to be added, when?

Hello @BrianV,

There are things in Tidal that we do not have access to it for the moment and the Daily Discovery are part of what we do not have access but we do plan to add it in Audirvāna Studio since Tidal told us it will be available for us in 2022.

Hi @Antoine

Thank you so much for your reply. That is excellent news! I will certainly watch out for the addition of Daily Discovery to Audirvāna Studio with great interest. Fingers crossed Tidal make good on their promise!

Any updates on this?
Started enjoying Audirvana Studio about a month ago and would love to see daily discovery added to the interface.

Any news on integrating My Daily Discovery?