Track order problem

Hi everyone,

New user and I am trying to figure out how I could sort the tracks a bit better .

You can click on the title of any column to sort it. If you click on ‘Tracks’ it will sort the column Tracks. If you click ‘Tracks’ again it will be sorted in reverse order. If you click on the ‘Album’ title it will be sorted on Album. etc. etc. This is standard Mac/Windows behaviour.

Hi, thank you for the help. Actually it was a bit more complicated but in the end I found out.

Why is Audirvana changing track order in my TIDAL playlists. This is profoundly disturbing. How to fix that?
Mvh, Th S

Hello @Music, did you check your sorting criteria in Audirvana settings? Can you make a screenshot of this section?

I am sorry I come back with the same problem but the issue persists… Any help is well appreciated.

Hello @MentallyIllegal,

Can you make a screenshot of your sorting criteria in Audirvana settings?

There you are :slight_smile:

Since you are in a playlist this is here that you can manage your sorting criteria. What is the criteria you would like to have first?

I would say by album, the right order …

The first criteria you have for the track view is sorting by Title. For the Album view it’s Added Date. To change it you need to click on the criteria and you’ll get a list for all the criteria you can get.

why some ascending, descending? try like my pictures

on another subject… i see you have big screen with little width between your categories… you know you could drag those columns to make them larger or shorter…
even the one column for playlists… can be drag left to make the main window larger…
anyone do like they want :slight_smile: just in case you didn’t know :slight_smile:


I think it worked! :slight_smile:

Many thanks!

Ooooooooooooooooooooooo! :smile:

Right clicking titles can add categories or remove some, they can also be Interchanging places :grinning:

That I didn’t understand… :frowning:

Your hints worked. For the most part.

How can you add the album artwork on the bottom?

when in album view, you click an album after you click the tag icon on the right border of Audirvana… that show tag editor… change album…select a cover… best is to be named cover.jpg and be in the same folder as the flac of the album…

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when cover is change, hit save under… then you can select all track of that album and tag more… put a year… a genre…