Transferring Music files to New External Drive

So, I have music files (5 TB+) spread across three different external drives. Got a great deal on a 10TB drive, so I’m gonna copy everything over to that drive and keep the others as backup. I named the drive ‘Z’ simply because I wanted to keep it differentiated. Question is this: When I ask Origin to look at this single 10TB drive, will I end up getting duplicates? Of course, I will delete the other three drives from the list of drives that Origin looks at. When I delete drives that Origin looks at, will I lose metadata such as ‘rating,’ ‘last played’ etc.? Short answer: what’s the best way to go from three separate drives to one single drive (given that I will set up three new folders within the 10TB drive that represent the three old drives, for purposes of synchronizing backups)

Hi @rafs,

I will come back to you as soon as possible on this.

Delete old drives from origin & add the new, trash DB then sync :wink:

If I’m not mistaking, moving the content folder to another location makes Audirvana look for it in the new location automatically. At least that’s how Audirvana behaves on macOS with me.

If I trash the DB won’t I lose data such as last played, rating etc. when the new drive is in use?

I rethink my post.
Yes trashing database lose play counts and more.

I can repost my post but then i think again about the playlists and favorites that won’t follow since hard drive change name, Origin will see new copy of music as new on new hard drive…

Delete all 3 folders, delete sqlite. Plug new disc with copied music and tell Origin to sync. Like a new user :grinning:. Or wait for Antoine :grinning:

My retired post:
I would

Go the prefs and library tab and backup favorites and playlists somewhere

Close Origin, make a copy of the .sqlite database file somewhere as a backup also

Still Origin close, Plug your Z drive, copy the three discs into Z. When done open Origin and sync, should not be too long for 5tb…

After it is load in Origin, sync finish, close Origin just to let it rest and reopen it.

You can recopy your new database just for fun somewhere.

Open Origin. Yes All files are double, but by you, not ghosts double files. Then remove one old drive folder in the preferences of Origin, it should sync automatically and remove a third of old files, close origin, open origin, remove second folder of old drive… repeat again.

After 3 remove you should only have the new drive, copy database as new, restart computer. Open Origin, sync, then do the four maintenance task in library prefs. Then close Origin and copy the .sqlite database as final.

So where to restore the playlists and favorites that you saved before?? They won’t follow since the drive is not named the same?? That part not sure :grinning:

I was really hoping to keep the library as it is but just change the letter in ‘looked for’ files, so that all present files simply have the new letter in the file location/path and AO will look for future added files in the new drive.
In other music players that I have used, all I do is

  1. Remove the drive letters from the list of ‘looked for’ drives
  2. Add the letter of the new drive to the list of ‘looked for’
  3. All that changes is the new letter in the file location/path

The library remains untouched: nothing deleted, changed, or added. It all plays the same and will look in the new drive from that point on. but will AO do that?

It might sound a bit pretentious but I’m going to quote myself :

For testing purpose, I wanted to hide my music folder to Audirvana (to troubleshoot a duplicate tracks issue I faced a few days ago). But just changing the path of the music folder was not enough, Audirvana kept finding it (I had to eject the disk to make sure it was unaccessible).

Try, rename the folder, move it, you won’t lose anything : if Audirvana can’t find your folder, it will just display the tracks in grey unless you remove it from the settings. And if Audirvana doesn’t trace it back (for example OS disparity, or the fact my music folder is the folder as well and could have a special “hard link” property), just put the folder back to where it was and look for another method :stuck_out_tongue:

And of course, before manipulating anything, save your database and favourites.

Not sure if I am understanding…I am not moving the content folder to another location. I have three external drives, say E:, F:, and G:. I have copied (not moved) all their content over to a new drive, Z:. All four drives remain plugged into the computer (Windows 10). I want AO to look ONLY at files in Z: from now on while I keep E:, F:, and G: plugged in for backup purposes only.

Why don’t you want to move the folders to another location instead of copying their content to another location ? Something prevents you from doing this ?

The first step is to check whether Audirvana can trace your folder (by modifying its name for example). If it does (you can play a track after changing the name of the main folder without changing its location in the settings), then you will just need to move your folders on your Z volume.

If you trash the DB or add a (old but new) folder to sync, you will lose your history (recently added - for sure, recently played - I suppose).

Why don’t you want to move the folders to another location instead of copying their content to another location ? Something prevents you from doing this ?

I am creating a duplicate of the E:, F:, G: folders in the Z volume… not moving anything. So now I have the potential for duplicates in AO (annoying). My question is this: If I simply tell AO to stop looking in the old folders (E:, F:, G:) and now just look at the new ones in Z:, does that maintain the library as is (except the files have a new location and name)?

I would wait for Antoine to get back to you. If you connect the new drive and sync it at that point you will have duplicated files. Then after removing the old drives from your sync list you will get back to just one file. However I fear that your play counts/history at the very least will be lost, playlists etc also may not work either.

I think Antoine will try and duplicate your drive assignment replacement and see if there is a way to retain your old data.


Suspected as much, which is why I was reluctant to attempt it…

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It does not explain why you’re reluctant in trying the solution which works for me and already got explained twice :laughing:
Anyway, I think I can’t add anything more to this discussion and wish you good luck.

I really appreciate your trying to help me. But your point was that “moving the content folder to another location makes Audirvana look for it in the new location automatically”. First up, I am not moving any files but copying them (retaining two copies in various drives accessible to any music player) . Second, I realize that AO will look in the new location…and that’s when I will get duplicates and, third, your advice, as you mention, is for macOS. I know you are trying to help, but I am actually not “reluctant in trying the solution which works” for you. I don’t think, with due respect, that it is the solution to my issue. Thanks again

There is a way you can test this. Copy your current database to a back up location. Then attempt the migration. If, as I fear, you get issues then you can always revert to the previous state with old sync locations and copying back the previously saved database file after deleting the new unsuccessful database.

Or, wait for Antoine to revert…… up to you, the latter option is the lowest risk approach.

i’ve done that a lot of times, every time i attach a bigger drive to Audirvana.

Why bother with playlist counts & co ? Is it so important ?

Or do as RunHomeSlow said, save the playlists in library tab and follow his process it should work


I’m also hoping for a clear answer. Each time I change a disk or his name, I have to recreate the database because of duplicates. And exported playlists need to be manually corrected too. Being able to change the path as in Lightroom would be great.

Still waiting for Antoine to respond.