Trial Period Ended

I tried this for a few days a while ago. I want to give up on Music and wanted to try again, but my Trial Period is expired. How can I get a new trial period?

Hello @MajorCyco, since you sent me your IP in private message, it’s done, you can now request again a trial license.


I’m exactly in the same situation, tried Audirvana plus one year ago but had too many issues to buy.
Audirvana seems to have change and i would like to give it a new chance but i can’t ask for a new trial period, i don’t need a month, 2-3 days are enough.

Thanks !

Hello @LudoLa, can you send me a private message with your public IP?

I tried this app back when it was a 15 day trial app.

Can i get a second chance for a 30 day trial?