Trial Period Ended

I tried this for a few days a while ago. I want to give up on Music and wanted to try again, but my Trial Period is expired. How can I get a new trial period?

Hello @MajorCyco, since you sent me your IP in private message, it’s done, you can now request again a trial license.


I’m exactly in the same situation, tried Audirvana plus one year ago but had too many issues to buy.
Audirvana seems to have change and i would like to give it a new chance but i can’t ask for a new trial period, i don’t need a month, 2-3 days are enough.

Thanks !

Hello @LudoLa, can you send me a private message with your public IP?

I tried this app back when it was a 15 day trial app.

Can i get a second chance for a 30 day trial?

Started trial on Imac and after 2 days it ended ? if I want to go to the site my provider warns me that maybe cyber criminals are hacking my passwords when visiting Audirvana ?

Hello @peter.bremers,

We had an issue with our host provider, the issue is now solved, you should now be able to use Audirvana. If it’s not the case, I’ll need your public IP address to identify you in our database. You can find it in a web site like

Hello could I request a new trial period to tie in with my trial of Qobuz? Many thanks, Simon

Hello @sd_walker, sure, same as above, send me your Public IP so I can find you in our database :wink:

Hello May I have a new trial period ? I get one long time ago and I would like to test it again before I buy it.



can I have another trial for a mac one? last time I got was on windows 10 pc.

Hello @kaolin, I sent you a private message about it.

Hi, I tried and failed to get Audirvana working with my Moon Mind 2 over ethernet setup last year but it looks like a recent firmware update could have fixed that.

Could i have another trial?

Hello @Geordietraveller,

are you using Windows 10 or MacOs?

I’m running OSX - Catalina.

Hello, my roon subscription is about to end and I would like to try audirvana again before deciding, would it be possible?

Hello @jake,

Are you using Windows 10 or MacOs?

Hello Damien.Windows 10

I also have this issue.
I trialed it before really exploring other options, including Roon.
Also, I’ve very interested to see how the Remote app actually works.

Any possibility of getting a second trial? (Even for just a week or two would be great)

I have new audio equipment and would like to give Audirvana another go. Please allow another trial period.