Trying to Understand Smart Playlists

I really enjoy Studio, the remote and the how it has evolved. I get by with a basic understanding and enjoy the music.

The problem I am having, due to my ignorance I am sure is creating Smart Playlists. Perhaps this is because I don’t fully understand what a Smart Playlist is? Below is what I would like to accomplish:

I have Tidal and Qobuz playlists and would like to create a Studio playlist, for the most part of one of Qobuz playlist, then, add to the playlist the ones missing in Qobuz from Tidal to the list.

I cannot figure out how to add an entire playlist from Qobuz to a Smart Playlist (or a Studio playlist ), without doing it manually one track at a time.

I would like to add whole albums, or multiple tracks at once from Tidal to that playlist once the first step is figured out.

Any help would be great,

You don’t need a smart playlist for this. You need to create a normal playlist in Audirvāna Studio and you can add content form both Qobuz and Tidal in it.

Smart playlist are here only for your local library. With it you can create specific rules to display the recently added content for example or specific kind of tracks.

Thanks for clarifying the difference between playlists and smart playlists @Antoine .

I know how to add albums and tracks to Studio playlists, but would like to add entire Qobuz playlists to Studio. Is there a way to do that?

I would then add the missing albums from Qobuz that are on Tidal. This process I do know how to do.

You can subscribe to a Qobuz playlist. After that, this list can be found at your Qobuz Playlists. All Qobuz playlists that you bookmark/subscribe are in this list.

Or is that not what you’re looking for?

I do know how to do that.

What I am trying to accomplish, I have 3 massive playlists that I have built over time on Qobuz and Tidal. Both services, the playlists are the same with the exception, each also has missing albums. i. e. the missing stuff that each respectfully doesn’t have.

What I would like to do, is somehow add entire preexisting playlists from Qobuz to Studio without having to do one album, or one track at a time. I would then add one album at a time from tidal for the missing stuff mentioned above.

Perhaps this isn’t doable?

You can load your playlist into the play queue. Then select everything (cmd-A) and click on the three dots in front of a track. Add to playlist.

Something like that?

Like Andy explains even better:

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This may work. Thx.

I am still having trouble adding a Studio playlist. No matter where I click to add a playlist, it seems to default to adding it to Tidal.

I must be doing something wrong?

Perhaps adding a playlist isn’t possible for just Studio, only for Tidal and Qobuz, other than local files {not a smart playlist, as I now ruled that out from above}?

I finally got my old brain to understand and I got it figured out. Thanks @Jacob

Not sure why prior I was not able to add a Studio playlist, but I got one there now.

The adding the whole playlist to the play que, then command all, then the 3 dot and you can move them all to a Studio playlist.