Setting up a new computer (new MacPro 28 core) for audirvana. Previously able to use with no problems, (content from iTunes, high Res sites etc and streaming from TIDAL). Current problem is I can see TIDAL on the STREAMING list in preferences and when I click connect it brings me to a webpage, I fill in everything and it says…continue but when I go back to AUDIRVANA, TIDAL is “not connected” and in the debug INFO, the only streaming service is HIGH RES AUDIO and TIDAL is not connected. ( I have an active HIFI/Master TIDAL account) and I can play TIDAL from TIDAL, just not through AUDIRVANA> Any advice will be helpful. thanks. ST

Which version of Audirvana are you running currently?

You realize that MacPro is an overkill for playing music? I hope you use it for other things.

Hello @Docbass, which web browser are you using on your MacPro? Safari?

I have a similar issue on Windows. Seems like it starts to happen with the latest Audirvana update.
When I click on connect to tidal in prefs, it opens a pop up window but it`s empty.

Hello @Oleg_Shcherbinin,

Can you check the point you can find below?

Do you still have Microsoft Edge in your computer?
Do your User Control Access is enabled?
Are you using a software that could change your admin settings and make all of your app launch in Administrator mode?

It magically fixed itself in an hour - seems like there were issues with authentification portal at tidal.
All good now!

I Still have the same problem.
The window pop up but I cant switch account to login on tidal.
Looks like the window crash every single time.
Need your support Audirvana.

Hello @Nuno_Vasco_Costa,

Can you try again to log to Tidal in Audirvana?

i am having this issue on a MacBook Pro, latest update and after a succesful login the music stops at the end of third song. i cannot succesfully log back in or play anything except my own library so I go to Tidal app