i am having this issue on a MacBook Pro, latest update and after a succesful login the music stops at the end of third song. i cannot succesfully log back in or play anything except my own library so I go to Tidal app

im having tidal connection problems too. qobuz has no issue and i can also play tidal without going through audirvana. please help

I have similar issue, I´ve installed Audirvana 3.5.51 on Windows 11.
When I try to log in Tidal an error window appears:

and when iI close it an error message appears:

Is there a solution for this?

this is exactly the problem i have too.

trying the same process for qobuz results good and playing directly with tidal without audirvana also results well.

After creating a New DB to rid myself of the duplicates as per your instructions. I cannot reconnect to TIDAL. Period. Login | TIDAL <–that link is what is given when I hit “CONNECT” and it is giving me an error on the Tidal page that says “ERROR Something went wrong.” I CANNOT login. I am [trying] to use 3.5.50. Very frustrating.

Antoine, I have uninstalled and re installed 3.5.50. No TIDAL. It will not connect.

i have almost the same issue. has this been resolved already?

So do i, i use the 3.5.50 one
and when i entered my Tidal’s info the Audirvana shown this

State mismatch, expecting 9cg3wsKUDDxIzFfQgrCKOGNgcjkpy3SKGKq_XKypS0k but got na in authorization response <OIDAuthorizationResponse: 0x60000223d3b0, authorizationCode: eyJraWQiOiJ2OU1GbFhqWSIsImFsZyI6IkVTMjU2In0.eyJ0eXBlIjoibzJfY29kZSIsInVpZCI6MTI1NTMzNjkzLCJzY29wZSI6Indfc3ViIHJfdXNyIHdfdXNyIiwiZXhwIjoxNjUwNzkwOTM0LCJjYWxsYmFja1VyaUlkIjoiMjMxIiwiY2lkIjoyNDI4LCJjaGFsbGVuZ2VJZCI6IjQ0MTUzNWJmLWU5MWUtNDU2NS05OTA1LTg5OTEwMWY2YjBjZSIsImlzcyI6Imh0dHBzOi8vYXV0aC50aWRhbC5jb20vdjEifQ.7wrdoanHXneLxeI56XBR4iaZMnLtqy3fRHQgdy-8aVy5YifbmM689AQF4qGOE9alB72OcebCu3VQXtocrJ8gVQ, state: “na”, accessToken: “(null)”, accessTokenExpirationDate: (null), tokenType: (null), idToken: “(null)”, scope: “(null)”, additionalParameters: {
lang = en;
}, request: <OIDAuthorizationRequest: 0x600002930070, request: Login | TIDAL>>

i have no idea why it happened

I have the same problem

I have the same problem too.

You know you are replying to a post from 2019?
Yes in 2019 it was resolved :wink:

These kinds of things happen with Tidal and Qobuz. But 99% of the time it is has to do with issues/changes on Tidal’s or Qobuz side (for instance changes in their API’s or issues with their servers/sites) and not with Audirvana. If it does not resolve itself automatically @Antoine will probably sort it out tomorrow.

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thanks Andy, i sure hope it gets resolved soon. it has been going on for me for the past week already.

Hello, we are aware of an ongoing issue with Tidal connection on the 3.5 version of Audirvāna and we are taking a look at it.

We will report you back as soon as possible on the issue.

The last three days i have exactly the same problem with tidal login through Audirvana.

“Something went wrong. Please try again. If the error persists, contact customer support.”

The same problem at my side as well.

Hello everyone,

We have been in contact with Tidal today about a change they made on their side and they made a fix for it.

You should now be able to connect to your Tidal account on the 3.5 version of Audirvāna.


Thank you !!

Thanks a lot! Tidal works again!


For the past three -four weeks, unable to play music though Tidal via AV 3.5.50. I try to start a track, receive “Unable to load audio file”, and it jumps to the last track as if it has all been played. Quobuz and local library sides work fine, as does the tidal app.

Can you please help?