Unable to open an audio file for playback

The least @Antoine can do is provide a link to the older version of software. Come on man, take care of your customers. @RunHomeSlow Please provide us with the link to the last version if @Antoine fails.


i have Mac versions just tell me, what version you need?

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I started having problems after moving to 3.5.50, so I can try and see if I have the same issue with 3.5.46. I honestly can’t remember the last version from which I upgraded. Considering I would upgrade everytime a new version was available I am guessing 3.5.46. Its awesome that you have all those versions saved. Thanks again


I think the version immediatly prior to the current (3.5.50) worked just fine with me (I did the same as apra and updated to the latest version everytime an update was available). Thanks!

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Sent you two a pvt message

Well if I have to switch to a subscription model because Audirvana won’t support the software I purchased less than a year ago then I’m going with Roon!

3.5 is still working with latest systemS and will be working the same for years to come, if you are lucky, it will work better :grinning:

The same remote is far more better with version 3.5 than the Studio one even if they are the same… that i found strange :grinning:

I reinstalled 3.5.46 and I still have problems load Tidal tracks. I wonder if there could be some preferences that got stuck in a plist file somewhere, but I couldn’t locate any.

I tried the same version with the same result. Preferences were also where my thoughts went - also thinking cache problem maybe?
I also tried streaming the same albums via Qobuz instead of Tidal with Audirvana and they worked fine.

I’m using Roon to play the same Tidal tracks without issues either.

When launching Audirvana from the terminal, I see the following error messages when a track doesn’t load (this is with 3.5.46). Probably useless at this point…

2021-11-30 14:49:55.028 Audirvana[52665:2558729] Error getting volume uuid for /Volumes/Audirvana 3.5.46/ retrying once
2021-11-30 14:57:22.263 Audirvana[52665:2561386] Error obtaining device description from – error = -204

Any success with older versions ?

I tried the 3 previous versions without any success…

Hi @Antoine Please provide us with an update.

Sad to see this thread end like that, without a path towards a workaround or a solution.

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I start having this problem since this morning. MacMini version 3.55

You can play Albums from categories of “New”, “Rising”, “Playlists”, “Genres”…
But you will have this issue when playing almost all albums in “My Music”…

My guess (hope I am wrong), a code has been nested in version 3.55, so that after certain number of time, this issue will emerge…

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“unacceptable behavior”


This lack of communication and support is easily converted into the type of free advertising that no company should want

How about it @Antoine step up here and take some care of paying customers before we all start having doubts about continuing with Audirvānas future endeavors

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Have you ever heard of the “gallic shrug”? :grin:

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Absolutely, Much the same as the redneck “ My give a shit’s battery is dead “ I’m pretty sure

With 6.1 k view’s you’d think that someone would get a new battery, that’s a lot of negativity to ignore.

Let’s see what happens next?!?!