Unable to pass DSD tracks or upsample to DSD

They have implemented RAAT so he can use Roon.

I would for sure test over USB to confirm everything works. Then ask Teac the hard questions. On the Ethernet connection front it only shows a NAS running media server software as being connected in the manual. Even lists a bunch of NAS devices which are compatible.

Quite frankly a lot of cash for something that seems somewhat limited in capability when you read the manual.

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Audirvana is seeing the UD-701-N via UPnP:

These configurations come into question:

Set the r8Brain stop band frequency to 166 and work from there…

This is from the UD-701-N manual…

*This is the salient statement:

*This would be true if the system is transmitting DSD files greater than DSD64 via DoP 1.1 because of the PCM limitation of 192kHz which would only allow DSD64 to be transferred and not allow any PCM up-sampled/modulated beyond the DSD64 DoP carrier sample-rate of 24/176.4kHz.

It seems the issue is in the protocol being applied in the transmission of the files…


There is something not right as the the UD-701-N does not support PCM sample-rates beyond 384kHz…
In this device, PCM can be upsampled 8x FS and output as 1-bit PDM (DSD) or multi-bit (DSD Wide), so using r8brain to up-sample PCM to 768kHz will not work…

I suggest letting the UD-701-N do the up-sampling and set the DAC output modulation to 1-bit and send DSDxxx natively with the proper ASIO driver.

My Windows PC with Audirvana is not connected directly to the TEAC 701N. I use the network to isolate the two machines using a mesh network.
Upsampling directly on the TEAC 701N works correctly.
But some people have experimented with upstream upsampling with an improvement in audio quality that comes from reducing the load on the TEAC. That’s what I’m trying to do.

Many thanks to Djm1960, OffRode, Agoldnear, … for their help and perseverance.

Just noticed this…
Do you see a problem here? Does this match the sample-rate support documentation in the UD-701-N manual?

If you are using the properly installed TEAC ASIO driver… you should be able to send PCMxxx up-sampled/modulated to DSD128 files via DoP 1.1 to the UD-701-N as it supports the PCM carrier sample-rate of 352.8kHz and send native DSDxxx directly over Ethernet.

I would like to know what you see on the display of the UD-701-N when sending a DXD (352.8KHz) file across your network.

If I replaced my TEAC UD-501 DAC with a UD-701-N, it would be installed with a better-than-average power-cable (Wire World) on my multi-level filtered and harmonically tuned mains power distribution and let it do its thing on all PCMxxx file playback from Audirvana… :wink: I think your network distribution scheme works against any potential gains from r8Brain up-sampling in Audirvana due to inducted noise and potential digital-audio signal corruption in the transmission network.

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