UnhandledException: {Desktop composition is disabled}

I use Windows desktop sharing system to control Audirvana Origin from another PC. This usually works, but lately the Unhandled exception error, repeatedly over and over makes a mess, and remote desktop freezes.
How to remove this nuisance HRESULT: 0x80263001 ?
Running Windows 10 LTSC

We may have experienced a similar problem.

Could you please send logs to their technical support?


Hi @One-and-a-Half,

Can you send us your audirvana.dmp and audirvana.log file at support@audirvana.com?

It can be in two different locations :
C:\Users[your login]\AppData\Local\Packages\Audirvana.Audirvana-[… id number that can vary]\LocalCache\Local\Audirvana\Audirvana
C:\Users[your login]\AppData\Local\Audirvana\Audirvana

to show AppData folder:

Replied with apology August 5