[Urgent] 2.3.3 Can't play DSD!


This is a very urgent situation, after I updated to 2.3.3 I can’t play DSD through ASIO!

When I try to play DSD, the software crashes.



Plz fix it!

How should I downgrade the software version? As a temporary solution.


Hi @edi4audirvana

Send this to support@audirvana.com with you log. They’ll help.


Yes, I sent them an email before I sent it here. I sent almost the same content here just to see how many people had the same experience as me.

From tech,

Hi Edi,
Thank you for reporting this. You are right. We have been able to reproduce and understand the problem.
A windows release will be available later today fixing the issue.
Best regards,

This is the good news.

You can now update to 2.3.4 that fixes this issue.