[UPDATE LIVE] Thanks for everyone that tried the Audirvāna Remote iOS Beta Update

Welcome to our iOS beta tester program :iphone:

Thank you for everyone that tried our latest update of the Audirvāna Remote app. We will keep an eye on your suggestions as the development of the Remote is not over.

We have now made the 4.0 update of the available for everyone so you can all enjoy the remote on your tablet in horizontal mode. (note that the auto switch from Horizontal/Vertical is not active yet)

Since you are in the Beta channel of the Remote, you will need to quit it to get the 4.0 update :point_down:

How to stop being part of the program?

You just need to uninstall the app.

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Looks good. So far. On my phone. Thanks.

Thank you
I’m downloading and trying it out immediately

DAY 1:

Thanks for the update to iOS. At least for now, the response in advancing through the tracks in the queue is rather delayed.

Also, the spacing between the menu items - Local, Playlists, etc. could be greater.

I am sure I am not alone in this. I miss being able to fill my iPad screen with just the single album cover of the playing track. The mini player is just not the same.

But I can certainly appreciate the view of the tracks when I go to enter an album. Nice!

Of course, can/will Shuffle by Album be accomplished through the remote?


Portrait is fine on iPad 6th Generation. Agree re: spacing of Local, etc.

No. Only the system-wide screen lock.

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Bonjour Antoine et tous,

Tourne bien pour le moment, recherche relativement réactive (+312K pistes), ai eu un bug en voulant ajouter des filtres (erreur requête).

Sympa de retrouver la vue des chansons précédente et future avec la possibilité de swiper ^^

Mais pour quoi, oh pourquoi toujours pas d’agrandissement de la pochette ? Ou je n’ai pas trouvé ?

Merci :wink:

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By default if you open the app on a iPad, it should auto rotate to landscape mode.

iPad 6 iOS 16.1.1 Audirvana Origin 2

edit : je viens de passer en 2.0.4

l’historique de lecture fonctionne bien, par contre la liste “restants à lire” ou à venir n’affiche que le prochain titre, le reste ce sont des vignettes vides, pourtant j’alloue 16Go à Origin.

DAY 2:

The responsiveness of the remote to the player is much improved today over my initial moments from yesterday. Also not getting the whistling sound when changing between tracks/albums that was pretty steady yesterday (not previously mentioned).

As an alternative to the full screen of the album art is there a way to make the setup of the local album and track list I still truly appreciate the default view for the remote screen/Mini-Player screen replacement? With a larger, repositioned album art section with the existing detail below as is; with the Other Albums from… stripped out from the bottom for perhaps the new home of the Local, Playlist, etc button toolbar with proper spacing/sizing. Keeping the topmost section of the screen and mini-player and controls at the bottom exactly where and how they are? Just a thought if nothing else.

Can the text of playlist titles be decreased (my preference) or increased as preferred?

My 2 cents,

Bonjour Antoine,

Concernant l’affichage “plein écran” des pochettes.

Ne serait-il pas possible qu’en touchant l’illustration du morceau en cours elle passe en occupant la “sous fenêtre” au 1er plan par exemple ? on peut swiper ce qui est génial pour prev-next, ce serait top de pouvoir passer même en plein écran avec les pochettes prev-act-next.

Ou alors ma foi si la technique ou la volonté ne le permettent pas, au moins d’autoriser le mode portrait comme je le fais avec la version officielle courante, afin de voir la pochette approx. en taille CD et pas timbre poste.

C’est dommage car pour moi, le reste frôle la perfection :wink:

Merci !

For the moment we force the landscape mode since it’s the purpose of this Beta test but we will probably let the portrait mode of the Remote when it will be fully ready.

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it’s something we will consider, there still works that needs to be done on the Remote by our dev but I will talk about it with the team to add it in the Beta if we have the time to.

Combien de titre avez-vous dans cette liste lorsque vous avez ce problème?

Antoine is the best. Thank you.

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Nevermind ! Please focus on the cover size pleeeeeaaaase :wink:

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No longer displaying replay gain, is this a feature or a bug? As far as I am concerned, I find any LUFS info (loudness units relative to full scale) or replay gain for that matter very useful. I do critical listening at standardized loudness levels at my listening position (SPL depending on musical genre and instrumentation), and I use LUFS/RG values to specifically adjust volume to level out loud or soft recordings.

Will this run on iPad iOS 12.5.6?

On an iPhone running iOS 16.2 beta 3 the new remote is unusable, because the ‘hamburger menu’ (3 horizontal lines) on the lower left doesn’t respond at all when touched. So it’s not possible to select or change music or settings.

On an iPad running iPadOS 15.6.1, the new remote works well.

Edit: Well now, that was strange. Right after posting I decided to give it another try on iOS, and it works just fine. Sorry for the false alarm. :person_shrugging: