[UPDATE LIVE] Thanks for everyone that tried the Audirvāna Remote iOS Beta Update

I prefer for my phone to have the view as shown in the first image. Besides the overall look and functionality it is of upmost importance when the wife says, “Turn it down right now!” Why? Because when I go to wake the phone I find AudirvanaRemote has reverted to the second image from which I can not get to the volume control. It’s fine on the iPadOS version.
Having to click through to get back to the first image is a PITA, small but does take a few seconds. It wouldn’t be an issue at all if there was an AppleWatch component whereby I could control volume



Hi Antoine,

Are there any plans to allow the display of front and back cover art. I am able to do this on my Aurender streamer and I like this feature.

You maybe a are talking of a Booklet, no?

Guess it’s because you are using a beta version of iOS with a Beta update of an app :person_shrugging:

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You will need to use Testflight App which is compatible starting iOS 13 :confused:

Thanks… So this means my iPad will not have a remote application for Audirvana Studio when the new version is released?

I’m not saying this. To try the Beta of the update, you need the app called TestFlight, which require at least iOS 13. When we will release the update of the Remote, the requirements will not change and you will still be able to use it on iOS 11.4 or later.

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Not a booklet. When you buy a CD it has cover art on the back of the disk. This is what I am referring to. Would like to see both front and back cover art. Musicbrainz has support for both.

That thought did occur to me - I think of it as helping to get the remote to work with future versions of iOS. :wink:

Now that it is working, there is a capability I would like to see added to the remote (unless it exists and I have missed it). I don’t use upsampling with radios, but do with other music sources. It would be great if the remote allowed the user to change upsampling settings, so that for example I would not have to go from my living room (where the system is) to my office (where the computer is) any time I wanted to change from another source to a radio station.


Hi @Antoine
I just started testing this very interesting release. I have a few first remarks.

  • I am testing it on my MacBook Air, and I think this can be a very good remote for an headless Mac mini.
  • Why the unlock/stop button is not present ?
  • There no way to configure the search tool.
  • The Folder navigation mode is not working like in the software itself, and several albums are not showing when they are selected on the left column.
  • You should add a “close” button in the settings window. There is only a Cancel and that is confusing.
  • Do you think that this remote could be adapted for AppleTV ? That would be really great.

That all for today, I will continue to use it, and let you know.

The unlock button is here when you pause the playback.

It’s not here for the moment but we play to add a possibility to configure it in a future update (not this one).

For the folder, can you send an example with screenshots from the Remote?

Maybe change the Cancel for Close would be a good thing, you are right. Will share it with the dev.

Where did you hide it? :wink:

When you click a folder it systematically opens, and some albums are not showing on the right side.

If I do the same thing on the reader, I get that:
Folder just highlited, and content is shown. This behaviour is really better. You could add or simulate the arrow icon on the remote. A long click for example.

You need to open the mini-player to get it. We know it’s not the most convenient but it’s how it is for the moment

I get this behavior on some folder but not using the Android version of the Remote. I will need to ask Damien about this.

Ok ! It should be added in the main screen also.

I am using the IOS version on an iPad Pro, and also on a MacBook. The behaviour is the same in both cases.

I’m testing it on my iPad. I like it a lot. One thing I would change is the volume control, I would like a “fine” adjustment. That is, a + and a - button to go up and down by 1 dB.


Contrary to the versions before the latest update does not close the mini player window by swiping down (opening the mini player window by swiping up the player bar still works though). I suppose that’s a bug?

I strongly endorse the volume fine adjustment idea. I am just wondering if the db scale is working for everybody. Clearly it is not working in my system (AS streaming to KEF LS50 wireless speakers). In order to explain what I mean by that I need to go into quite some detail (casual readers may want to stop reading here).

The LS50s have their own volume control on a scale from 0-100, with moving up or down 1 step triggering a plus/minus 1 dB SPL change. In AS this scale is recalculated in “AS dB” again, so effectivily double-logarithmizing all dB values.

This means that if I want to turn up the volume by 10 dB SPL I need to increase the LS50 volume e.g. from 50 to 60, or from 30 to 40. If I use the AS volume control, this translates in moving up from -6.0 to -4.4 “AS dB” (i.e. increase of +1.6 “AS dB”) in the first scenario and from -10 to -8.0 “AS dB” (i.e. increase of +2.0 “AS dB”) in the latter case. So not only are the absolute “AS dB” values completely useless for me but also the whole “AS dB” scale is non-linear.

Hello Antoine,

J’ai bien vu et testé la dernière version (120), la pochette est un peu plus grande c’est bien :slight_smile: mais pas suffisant au vu de l’espace à dispo, qui selon moi pourrait être mieux utilisé.

Pourquoi laisser la bande de menus à gauche ? et un espace de 2cm en bas ?

En étirant cette sous fenêtre “en cours de lecture” à la taille de l’écran on aurait déjà qqch de plus esthétique et rationnel.

Aussi, à mon sens, le bouton “pause” est surdimensionné par rapport aux autres adjacents, le réduire et diminuer quelques espaces interlignes et avant / après façon Word lol, permettrait de gagner de précieux millimètres ça et là et au final, 2 cm en diagonale pour les illustrations.

Je suis sur un iPad 6 avec un diagonale de 10" et des poussières :wink:

Merci pour le job et l’écoute !


Small bug: touching (swipe like) the booklet just a tiny bit to the left will make the booklet blank. Leaving the booklet to the album tracks and going back to the booklet again, all is well again. On iPad Pro latest iOS.

Also after the latest release from 7 days ago the bug is still there

One more bug: the player bar occasionally gets completely empty, no control buttons or content, just black (tested on iPadOS 16.1.1)