Updating Audirvana 3,5 in Windows 10

I tried to update Audirvana 3.5.46 in my Windows 10Pro laptop. I received the following message:
App installation failed with error message: Windows cannot install package Audirvana.Audirvana-4118-9484-d80dbb7827cd_3.5.51.0_neutral_~_q3nymrkmej12j because a different package Audirvana.Audirvana-4118-9484-

How come?

Does this help?

an error appears when trying to update

is this procedure required even if I skip the current update and wait for the next one ? Since I do not know what the benefits of this update are I would rather prefer to wait and stay with what I have and runs.

What I understand is that something has changed in Windows in the security handling. And to install an Audirvana update, both 3.5 and studio, this operation must be performed once. As long as you can postpone the updates, you don’t have to. But in a future update you will have to do it.

ok, since I do not use playlists I should be ok to just follow the deinstall / install instructions and then create the archive from scratch. correct ?


Thank you - I should have looked harder. Looks complicated. I will research thanks. A