Upgrade to 1.5.6 fails

Audirvana upgrade from 1.3.0 to 1.5.6 fails the the following error:

App installation failed with error message: error 0xC00CEE01: The XML in the .appinstaller file is not valid: Line 9, Column 55, Reason: Unexpected end of input. (0xc00cee01)

OS: Windows 10.

How to resolve this issue?

I believe you need to do the following.
Release note Audirvāna Studio 1.4.5 - Audirvana News / Release Notes - Audirvana

It’s listed as neccessary here
Release note Audirvāna Studio 1.5.1 - Audirvana News / Release Notes - Audirvana

So likely for later releases as well.

It started working after I did a cold boot.

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