V3.5.50 cannot authentically TIDAL Masters

When Audirvana v3.5.50 is launched, an error box appears:

  • Error logging to HRA-Streaming.
  • Cancel

“Cancel” is the only active option. This does open Audirvana.

But Audirvana can stream all TIDAL content correctly only if Audivana quality set to either:

  • Low
  • High

If quality is set to “Lossless” or “Master” only random Master files will play but most do not. When a track IS played, it may not be the one selected!

NOTE: The Mac version of the TIDAL app plays all files, including MASTERS, correctly so Master level authentication does work for their own app.

Using the “Disconnect” option in TIDAL and attempting to “Connect” again does this:

  • Logs into TIDAL “log in” page
  • Username/email and password are accepted
  • Message is displayed "You may now close this window and return to the TIDAL app

Note that the successful authentication is associated with the TIDAL app only. No mention of Audirvana is made even though the authentication process was initiated there.

Perhaps the Audirvana TIDAL Masters streaming problem results from the failure of the TIDAL authentication Web page to properly communicate back to Audirvana?

When Audirvana is launched again, the same “HRA-Streaming error” dialog is displayed and malfunction with the TIDAL set to “Master” continues.

So it is not possible to properly autheticate Audirvana for TIDAL Masters by the method presented.

Is there a special bypass mode that would allow me to enter my TIDAL credentials directly into Audirvana without activating the TIDAL authentication page?

Any other suggestions would be welcome.



Have you seen this thread?

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Hi @JWH,

First of all the HRA error you have and Tidal have nothing in common. If you want to get rid of this error, please click on the connect button of HRA, then press cancel on the window.

Please send me a mail at support@audirvana.com so I can give you a link for a test version we made in accordance with Tidal for such issue.

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