Very very slow scrolling library, spinning beach ball

Apologies for similar post, but since I’m on mac not windows, I started a new thread.

On the Audirvana main page (library), it is very very slow to scroll the albums, and I get the spinning beach ball very often. If I am listening to music, it cuts out every now and then when it loads the albums / spinning beach ball.

I could live with it if it was only on Audirvana startup, but it happens consistently every time I am scrolling the library.

For me, it is the most annoying problem with Audirvana. Yes, there are feature requests I would like to see, and tweaks here and there, but this really makes it difficult to use Audirvana.

Is there anything I can do?

Audirvana version 3.5.40
MacOS 10.15.7
iMac Late 2015, 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5, 24GB RAM
Audirvana stored on internal SSD, music files on external HDD (usb 3.0)
I have tried usual troubleshooting: check database, rebuild database, defragmemt

I have about 320 albums, mostly DSD. the sqlite file is just under 500mb.

I have 13GB allocated in Audirvana for pre-load, exclusive access, large core i/o , integer mode all set to ON

Any suggestions would be of great help. I would just like to be able to scroll the albums I have without it pausing every second and stopping the music currently playing.

Thank you!

Hello @mikeypas, when you have the spinning ball, have you been able to make Audirvana crash?

Audirvana never crashes. Just long pauses while I scroll the library, and when I get spinning beachball, it goes away after 2-3 seconds each time, but never crashes. Just makes it super slow.

Can you check your database using the three commands in the Maintenance section of the preferences page?

I did those, as indicated in my first post.
I’m wondering if it may be 1 of 2 things:

  1. my library is located on ext HDD. if it is asleep, it does take a couple of seconds to start the disk spinning. However, the slowdowns in Audirvana occur all the time, even when the drive is awake and spinning, and playing music
  2. I saw somewhere one of your posts Damien asking if there is any artwork that is large. I noticed there are some that are fairly large, detailed jpg that are 50mb or greater. Would that have an effect? I guess impossible to determine which artwork may be causing the slowdown?

Hello @mikeypas,

I took a look at your database and found several artwork above 10MB:

  • SACD Issac Stern Plays Vivaldi The Four Seasons Concerti - 34 MB
  • SACD - Brecon Baroque Vivaldi Le Quattro Stagioni - 12 MB
  • New Jazz 8236 - 14MB
  • Jethro Tull Stand Up - 11MB
  • Jethro Tull Benefit - 12MB
  • Jethro Tull Songs form the Wood - 17MB
  • Jethro Tull War Child - 15MB
  • Jethro Tull Bursting out - 10MB
  • Jethro Tull Nothing easy: live at the Isle of Wight 1970 - 13MB
  • Jethro Tull Minstrel in the Gallery - 12MB
  • Jethro Tull Heavy Horses - 14MB
  • Jethro Tull Aqualung - 16MB
  • Jethro Tull The broadsword and the beast - 19MB
  • Jethro Tull Stormwatch - 18MB
  • Jethro Tull - 12MB
  • The Dave Brubeck Quartet concord on a summer night - 10MB

You need to reduce the size of those artwork to 100 KB, not that it will reduce the size of your Audirvana database of almost 250 MB which will gain you performance.

Thank you very much Damien.
I went through every image file in my library and reduced its size to 1MB or under, with many around the 100k size. What a difference in performance!! I also re-synced, and ran the 3 maintenance commands in the preferences.

My question remains for .iso albums that you cannot change the image file in audirvana metadata editor, how do I know which image file audirvana is showing me.
Example, in a folder with the .iso album, there may be a front.jpg back.jpg front_large.jpg etc. How do I know which one audirvana is showing. Does the .iso direct audirvana to which image? Sometimes there are subfolders with many .jpg files, so hard to know which one to reduce in size?

I also re-uploaded my database, to see if there are any remaining things I may have missed? Thank you very much again!

@Antoine how can you have a .jpg at 12mb?? Jethro Tull Benefit - 12MB or Aqualung at 16mb… i would love to see that .jpg

this is surely not the cover.jpg weight 12mb or 16mb… all songs together maybe
in that folder… you can never found anywhere i think a cover of an album anywhere
at 12mb :slight_smile:

all my covers are around 1500px x 1500px or 1600px… weight around 1.2mb max
my database is around 2.5gb (44000 tracks) on a late 2012 imac with 16gb memory…
so he should be better good handling that database then me…

i would have trashed that database (.sqlite file), restart mac and audirvana,
reload music folder and sync… do the 3 steps after maybe… and see…

Why a .jpg inside a folder stress Audirvana… can’t be…
all those pictures are supposed to be embedded in the file… so?
how much stress a DSD file at 300mb weight compare
to a flac at 70mb with a cover inside at 12mb equal just 82mb…
way lower power needed to play that flac compare to that DSD file as an example…

@mikeypas By the way ISO file su*ks because you can’t tag them
like you want in Audirvana… locked image.

download this for free:

Extract those files as SONY DSF (DSD), then open that folder in XLD

for free also and tag them like you want and add the cover to be embedded in, and be finished :slight_smile: same with .cue sheet… split them, then trash that .cue file and be free :slight_smile:

Those files were between 2800x2800 and 5000x5000, don’t know why they were so big but Audirvana need to load your covers when you scroll down your database (covers and track data are really different), if you have such large file, this means the database need to transmit the data to Audirvana and it can take a long time.

Those pictures should be homemade from scanned vinyl maybe…
most time people scan at 600dpi and that add a lot to the weight of the file for nothing,
except if you want to print them… another big thing that will had weight for nothing,
is if the file is set in CMYK print colors opposed to RGB colors for screen…
Also not useful is saving the file in .png format… when the file is not transparent,
weight more then regular .jpg

Indeed, some of the .jpg and .png files were quite large , some over 30MB.
This was not a choice of mine, simply came with the album. I suppose maybe they wanted to give hires photos with hifi music!

In any event, reducing the image files absolutely helped with the performance of Audirvana. Thank you Damien! It was quite a task because had to go to each individual folder and find the image file and convert them.

In any event, my question remains however, how does audirvana tackle the .iso albums? Yes I know that we cannot edit the metadata, and no, I do not wish to convert my entire library to DSF. Does the .iso album point audirvana to which image file to use? is the image file contained within the .iso? I have many folders that contain the .iso album but also many image files. I would like to know which one to reduce in size.

Thanks once again

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just open the info panel on the right… click once an album cover… then you’ll see is cover on the right… click on change under the picture and select a lower one that you want and change it then save… since it is an .iso locked file, i don’t know if your new cover will stick there. Audirvana select by default an image when inside a CD folder… but i think that pict is not embedded in the file… but when you change the picture and save, you can see in the finder date that those files where changed…

ISO files are locked as you said
So if I have a folder with .iso file
and inside i have :
cover.jpg, front.jpg, folder.jpg, album.jpg cover art subfolder with a.jpg b.jpg c.jpg etc…
my question is how do I know which file the .iso is pointing to.

I am in exactly the same situation. As I developed my library I often looked for better images and attached them to my music files, so I wonder if my problem is also the same.

I wondered how you were able to review the database. ? attach the sqlite file?

I can’t imagine going through album by album, but wonder if there may be particular culprits I can change.

Thank you,


Hello @Bill1,

It’s possible that some database software can see those kind of information more easily, we used db browser for sqlite but you can probably find a better one for cover editing. Maybe dbpoweramp?

Thank you for your response, Damien.

Last night I went ahead and downloaded Yate, and began looking at all of my artwork. I, too, had many large images- I had downloaded higher resolution images before hoping for a nice display. I am now expecting a nice improvement after going through and editing.

Thanks again,


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