Volume Control has bugs!

Hi, Damien.

I clicked on the “-” button and instead of decreasing the volume, it increased to the maximum. It almost “blew” my ears. I feared I had damaged my speakers. Also, once the slide bar was moving by itself.

Futhermore, in the Volume Settings screen, in Maximum Audio Volume Limit, the label “100%” does not change even if I adjust it in the slider.

??? Some correction will happen ?

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There was a guy on the forum, “cat something”, to whom the same thing happened, a few weeks ago with V 1.0, and it was in the middle of the night. He was worried about his speakers too, and was upset because the noise frightened his wife and his son, who were awakened.

It‘s known issue and is DAC dependent. In some of my DACs it works exactly opposite. Clicking on plus and minus buttons brings the volume all the way down.

Humm. This is a serious problem. Volume control is a basic function.