Volume puzzle

I have made the first steps with Origin. So far so good.
The control is via remote.
Everything works, only the volume control is a ghost.
In the settings on the desktop, the volume is fixed at 100%. I can also see this on the slider on the desktop.
The Remote App also shows 0.0 dB at the beginning, then changes to -34 dB. This happens when I move the iPad.(?) The volume then also becomes quieter. Why is that?
If you then move the slider back to 0.0 dB, the values are only close to 0.0 dB. (0.5; 2; 8 etc.) At some point you will reach 0.0 dB.
Sometimes the slider cannot be moved at all via remote control.
On the desktop, I can set the 0.0 dB at any time and see it directly on the app.
If this behaviour is for entertainment purposes, I’d like to find the switch for it.

Thank you for your support.


Do you mean when you go from horizontal to vertical view of the Remote?

Do you mean when you go from horizontal to vertical view of the Remote?

Hi Antoine,

no, this already happens in the horizontal view. (landscape)
When I move the iPad so far that it is almost flat.

I think it has something to do with another issue here:

The strange values for the maximum volume display were caused by the fact that the volume of the DAC used must still be set to 100% in the MacOS menu “Audio”.

The switching to -34dB when tilting (not turning) the iPad remains.

There are two possible solutions.

  • Switch on the lock for the alignment. This will also turn off the effect when tilting the device. The disadvantage is that other apps cannot switch from landscape to portrait mode.
  • Before tilting the iPad, call up another app. This way, Audirvana-Remote runs in the background and does not switch to the value of -34dB.

The developer of the app should be able to answer why the Remote reacts to the tilt sensor.

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