Which version of Studio

Hi, what version of Studio would work on these Apple OS:
Yosemite 10:10 to Montery 12:68
These are the only OS that will work on my older Mac mini.


From the Assistance page of the Audirvana.com main menu:


Minimum :
OS X 10.13 (High Sierra) or later

Recommended :

More RAM is best…

In any case, running the MacMini headless will put more demand on the CPU and system RAM… if you intend to run it headless, install a HDMI video dummy load that enables the graphics/video subsystem.

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Hi, thanks for your response. What I want to know is what legacy version of Audirvana will run on the mentioned OS. My Mac mini is late 2014. Not the other way around.


There are no legacy versions of Studio. The latest version is what you get.

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A number of people still use the Audirvana legacy versions. However, you can no longer purchase a license for it. If you already have a license then it is possible.

There are no studio versions except the last one that I can recommend. The first versions of studio weren’t really that great.

Yes, you are right. I still have Audirvana 3.5. But there are no legacy versions for Audirvana Studio. So basically the OP’s question is based on a wrong premise.

Hi Jabob, thanks for the reply. Yes I still have the license and the install for the legacy version. I mean, everything was working up to a few months ago. I was actually trying to figure out if I had to dowload a specific legacy version since I’m upgrading the OS (the latest supported on that older mac mini). Actually I have both licenses, the latest and the legacy.

For clarity are you wanting to install 3.5 or Studio?

Perhaps I’m missing something, we refer to 3.5 as legacy on the forum. Sorry if I’m the only one who is unclear.

Studios requirements

Hi, not it’s me that was unclear. I forgot the legacy version was simply called Audirvana, and not Studio.
I do have Studio on another computer, but I got my old mac mini fixed and the repair guy is asking me what OS to put on it. So I was trying to figure out if the Audirvana 3.5 what only supported by specific OSs.

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It still works… with Sonoma not release yet :grinning:

I would go for the most recent OS version that supports the hardware. There are probably discussions somewhere about which OS sounds the best.

On my previous two Mac minis I always found the ‘direct mode’ very important. After every update of the OS, I used the description of RunHomeSlow again to modify the OS.

For me, 3.5 runs fine on a Mac mini M1 with the latest OS updates. And I try not to bother with all the tweaks and updates anymore.

An Audirvana 3.5 with a Hegel Röst over USB is not the best possible, but it always works. And it is much cheaper than continuously buying cables, power supplies and tweaks.

Enjoy the music!!

Good deal, I’m using 3.5.50 with macOS 13.5.2 no problem at all.
As @Jacob said no reason to use anything but the latest Studio version.
Best luck to you @Dniss

I still have Audirvana+ on an old Mac mini with optimized Izotope settings from the BelCanto Dac I had at the time. And plug-ins to monitor the results of the upsampling. Maybe I should start it up again and see how that still works. Nice minimalistic UI probably.

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It appears the late year 2014 Mac mini can run Monterey…

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Yes it does. My 2014 Mac Mini was running on Monterey before switching to Linux to host my Roon Core.

Thanks to all of you for the help!
Great community.


Hi, I’ve installed the legacy version a long time ago so I forgot how to install the license: I have a license file, but Audirvana is asking my for a license number?
I thought I had somehow to locate the license file within Audirvana and that would do the trick.
Can someone be king enough to assist me?


Maybe search your saved emails, if you can’t find your key you will need to contact @Antoine at support@audirvana.com to retrieve it.

Mine was sent by Avangate

Thanks for the info, strangely, although I have all my emails from back then, it’s neither Avangate nor Audirvana.

Ping Antoine using the same email that you purchased with and he will sort you out.