Why the Lounge is not accessible?

I was following an interesting thread on The Lounge with regard to the new Apple M1 chip.
However I note that The Lounge appears to be no more?
I did notice a post had been removed and was wondering whether this was the reason for The Lounges demise, as I’ve seen nothing on here concerning it?
Shame, if so.

The lounge is still there. Strangely enough, many people have been denied access.

OffRode has already asked Antoine whether more people are allowed access again. Now it is very quiet there.

but why restricting people anyway? why lounge needed when you already have the forum…



So if link not work for you, i can’t see the lounge title anymore in the main menu like before, so maybe it is closed?

I don’t know where is the Lounge, but I see the threads about the “M1 Pro & Max” and “Album of the week”.

Many people like @DGrigorescu wanted to visit the thread about the M1 Pro & Max, but could not see it.

A Canadian friend that did not post on the forum in the last weeks told me in a PM that he ordered the M1 King: The M1 Max 16’ 10/32 64GB 2TB MacBook Pro. :blush:
Apple will deliver him in four weeks.

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If to access the Lounge one needs to have the “Regular” status, the Discourse software is not good. We are only 10 to have it, and all the other thousands of users of Audirvana are not only denied access to the Lounge, but can’t even see the threads.

Only 10 members is too little. The software was created with a too restrictive setting.

If you are happy with 10 members in the Lounge, it’s your right.
I find it too restrictive, and it’s my right. There are valuable contributors who are left out.

Don’t go where?

And why shouldn’t I go there?
If I won’t, I presume that you’ll be happy to discuss with yourself. :wink:

There was a mysterious flagger who flagged me a lot.
I don’t know if he was granted access to the Lounge.

Because Discourse is so restrictive, this forum member did not see the “M1 Pro & Max” thread and did not tell us what M1 Max he ordered. :frowning_face:

The lounge is not meant to be accessed by everyone. It’s a restricted area for user that are really active on the forum where you can discuss of anything you want. I already changed the settings to get access to it.

We do not really want a Off Topic category fro everyone on the forum as we want to stick the forum to Audirvana only conversation but if you really want to get this Off Topic category, we may add it in the future.

I can edit the title of this thread to ask about it to see how many user would vote to get it.

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Thank you Antoine.
I agree that any off-topic conversation should have it’s own thread (category) so as not to pollute the main forum, however it’s a shame that more forum users don’t appear to have access to it.

What I may do is giving access to the lounge to more people (for example trust level 2 users). It will still restrict the access to the lounge but It will be more easier to access to it.


I would like to have such a forum sub-category available here - for instance, I was gonna give my views on macOS Monterey and why I moved back to Mojave. Not really Audirvana-related, but might still be of interest to some as far as tech discussions go.

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Just start a new thread no need for lounge…
Or post here:

The point is, where to post non-Audirvana related topics for all to see and discuss? I think they should create a category for “Off-Topic” discussions.

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