Windows VST3 Installation problems

Looking for some help with VST3 installation of Blue Cats Gain (Stereo) The download & installation went without problem The PlugIn appears in the VST3 section under Signal Priority but Configure does not work and in use a small window appears but it is blank ie no controls.
Any advice would be appreciated
Mel Fisher

Hi Mel, I am having similar issues trying to get my Sonarworks VST3 plugin recognised by Audirvana. I Have a straightforward question but getting help from anyone in Audirvana is extremely difficult and my post has not attracted a single response.
My issue (I think) is that Audirvana has to point to a specific location where the VST3 dll file is, or it could be that my dll file has to be in the location where Audirvana expects it to be. Either way I can’t use this plugin with Audirvana which is a real shame.
Good luck

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can’t help, using a mac without plugins

Hello @24bitbob,

Since you are using a VST3 plugin you should be able to see it in C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3
Your plugin must be a .vst3 file, not just a .dll. Do you have the installer of your Sonarworks plugin so i can test it?

Hello @Mel_Fisher,

I installed the plugin on my Windows 10 machine and i have the same issue. You should contact Blue Cats about this, they probably have an issue with the Windows 10 VST3 version since they have one on the Mac VST3 version.

Hi Bob
Steinburgh who I think developed ST3 say VST3 Plug-in path

The VST3 format has a dedicated installation path all VST3 plug-ins must comply with. All your VST3 plug-ins should be installed here:
|C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 for
32-bit VST3 plug-ins but in on 64-bit Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\VST3|.vst3|

My VST 3 download was 64 bit so I followed the Programs X86 route. However Audiravana does not see the Plug in this folder but it does see it if it is in the C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 folder but when I open the Device Options Page the VST3 section shows the device but the “configure” does not work.
PS If you open the General page and scroll down you should find “Debug” . Click on this and you can see under Signal Processing “Effects Plugins” on or off & if on the complete Plug In path to your VST3 folder.

You are right, that’s why i’m telling you it can only be on Blue Cats side problem.

Sincere thanks for your advice, it is very much appreciated. I am away from home just now, but will be back this evening and will check out things again. I should add that I use the Sonarworks plugin successfully with JRiver. That app asks you to point to where the plugin is and works very well, but I’m sure I can only see a .dll file. It’s a truth that when things work, you don’t enquire why they work, so I can’t remember the details of which file sits in which directory.
Sonarworks works wonderfully well for me. It has transformed my appreciation of the Sennheiser HD800’s and does a great job of room correction too. I’m really keen to get it working with Audirvana. Tonight!
Thank you

over the last months I have several times tried to install Reverberate Core and my dedicated room correction without success. Now I was encouraged again, followed the steps from post Nr 7 and installed the program with the VST3 files “following the X86 route”.
In Audirvana settings I still get the message “no VST Plugin available” - but in the album section I see the VST-files from Reverberate Core.
Advice will be highly appreciated

Hello @devi63, i check this plugin and installed it on my Windows 10 computer and this plugin is not a VST3 plugin since its only a .dll file that is located in the repository of vst3.

In fact at the end of the web site product page you can see this:

Reverberate Core supports all major VST/AU DAWs on Windows and macOS

    Windows XP and above
    OS X / macOS 10.7 and above
    VST 2.4 and Audio Unit (AAX is not supported)
    32-bit or 64-bit DAWs and processors

That mean its a VST2.4 plugin and not a VST3. If you want to be sure its a VST3 you need to have a .vst3 extension on files in this location : C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3

Hello Damien, You are right - thanks anyway for the information that I followed the wrong route. But can you recommend a Program usable for the installation of individual wav files - in my case from homeaudiofidelity? The cheaper the better :wink:

Meanwhile I read almost everything about plugins here in the forum and have been trying convology xt: The screen shows up in Audirvana (much too small, HiDPI issue possibly on convology’s side) but it doesn’t react,

Now I know quite a lot or better to say too much about not working plugins. My question is: Does anybody know a VST 3 plugin that works with audirvana 3.5 on Windows 10?

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Hello @devi63, In fact the convology plugin have an issue that the manufacturer will have to fix since we do support every VST3 and AU plugin if the manufacturer use the standards for those plugins.

Meanwhile I managed to install Waves IR3 plugin and get it working with my correction file from homeaudiofidelity. But when I set the real time button in Audirvana to “off” there is a short crack and no sound. The song seems to be loaded and played as usual. This already happend before 3.5.4

Hi, I copied the SonEQPro_x64.dll file in the same directory as the SonEQFree.dll but only the free equalizer is selectable in Audirvana.

Hello @Giancarlo_Mari, you need to install the VST3 version of this plugin, the version you want to install is the VST version.

Thanks for the reply. Only a VST version (32 or 64 bits for Windows) is available on the Sonimus website. Where can I find the VST3 version?

In the software installer you have to select the version of the plugin you want to install, you have to select VST3

Unfortunately, inside the file there is no installation.exe file and only the following instructions: “Installation - Microsoft Windows 64 bits:
VST 64 bits: Copy SonEQPro_x64.dll to your VST plugin folder (c: \ Program Files \ Steinberg \ vstplugins or the folder configured in your DAW for VSTs)”