Wondering if Audirvana might partner with Spotify?

I’m curious if there is any possibility of Audirvana partnering with Spotify?
I have a problem with Tidal: they don’t like proxy servers (VPN) & it is annoying to have to turn it off & on; even while going from one song to another it will flake out over the ‘proxy server’
plus, I just joined purchased an upgraded account there
Tidal is the only site that has ever even detected the VPN
I for one simply cannot understand all the cloak&dagger, security paranoia that pervades the entire internet

Is the Audirvana license for life?

Hello @kunji,

This is not only relying on us but also on Spotify. For the moment we have received a lot of request about it but that the only thing we can say so far.

After you made the purchase of Audirvana you own the license key for the specific version without a limit of time. When we publish a new major version, you still have access to the old one and you will have a specific price to purchase this version.

Here is a recent thread with info and also a link that explain why Spotify is very unlikely to allow a partnership with Audirvana - no matter how much Audirvana or its users might want it to happen:

How often do you come out with new major versions?

Thanks for your answer Damien3
I’m trying to find how to start a new thread with a different question but while I’m here:
I’ve downloaded the app / 1 month free trial
when I tried to link with Tidal couldn’t connect with Tidal, so I closed Audirvana
when I reopened Audirvana, it remains stuck at ‘loading’ for like an hour or more
that was yesterday, today is the same, stuck at ‘loading’

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