Work, movement, orchestra, ensemble, conductor tags

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The old one I found: "Work" and "Movement" display in Album view

It would be great if (for classical music) the work and movement tags would be supported, as a separate category to browse.

Other classical tags are orchestra, conductor, ensemble, choir, composer. If Audirvana would support these, maybe by enabling them in a setting if you like to use them, searching the classical catalogue on local folders would be much easier.

I have an elaborate metadata scheme where I curate my metadata tags in a certain way, but using the album, title, track, artist and album artist tags this way is not always easy.

If support already exists, than I cannot locate how. If not and you feel this should be a nice addition, please upvote.

Hi @jmtennapel,

You would like to display those tags in the Local>Tracks view for example?

Hello Antoine. I think a main category ‘Works’ would be preferable (next to Artist, Album, Track, Genre). Those works should be displayed by composer. For instance ‘Symphony no 5’ could be from Beethoven, Mahler, Bruckner etc.

As for composer, orchestra and such: having those turning up in the search results would be ideal.

Apple Music has a great view for Works/Movements. That kind of functionality would be preferable (better be inspired than dreaming it up :wink: )

Hi @jmtennapel,

When grouping is used in Audirvāna:

Grouping = Work

Movement = Title

Here is how it is displayed in Audirvāna Studio (if you go in the Extended tab, you have other classical metadata you can fill in):

Hello Antoine,

The problem is that Audirvana doesn’t read those metadata tags from the files. I have quite a few albums with the orchestra, composer, conductor, work, movement, choir, ensemble etc. tags filled and Audirvana doesn’t read those.

I’m not going to redo all metadata tags in Audirvana, obviously.

The solution as proposed is a work around. There are dedicated tags for work and movement next to title and album. It would be great if Audirvana would support those tags.

Hi @jmtennapel,

Can you send us one of these files at so I can check it out?

Sorry for my late response. I missed this answer. I will send you a file.

Thank you for adding them to Studio 2.8.1 !

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I’ve read about the inclusion of work and movement tags in 2.8.1 but I can’t find them anywhere I have looked. What am I missing?

If you edit the music files with a Tag Editor, and you fill in the work and movement tags, Audirvana will use those tags to display the work and group the movements by name below the work tag.

It is an alternative way of displaying classical music.

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Thanks @jmtennapel and I have tagged my music that way. But I’m not seeing this in Audirvāna. Are you able to put up a screen shot of where you are seeing them?

You can see it in action in this screenshot (on the Mac):

Symphony no. 3 is the work and the parts are the movements.

The titles are much longer of the track, but you see those tracks are grouped by work and only the names of the movements are shown.

Thanks for posting the screenshot. Interesting. This looks a bit like the results I’m getting with grouping tag but I see your point re track titles being shorter. I’ll check this out to see if this has changed for me. Certainly in the remote app it is just the same - ie grouping tag where you see work and then the title tag for each track duplicating all the information.

Do you know the actual tag that you’re using for the work?

I’ve tried “Work” and “Work Name” and I don’t see the work name appear in the track list for a classical album.

I’ve confirmed the tags exist in the files using Yate: View/Metadata as Text command so the tags are definitely in the files.

I can get the work name to display using the “Grouping” tag but not the work tag.

I’m using Audirvana Studio 2.8.2.

I don’t edit metadata with Audirvana, I use a different program and edited the work and movement tags in that program.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m the same, I much prefer Yate over Audrivana for editing metadata.

I was hoping you could tell me the actual tag value that you insert into the metadata for the work tag.

I tried the tag “Work” and it didn’t show up in Audirvana the way your screenshot shows. I wondered if the actual tag name is different. For example, I believe Roon recommends “Work Name” (I tried this as well and it didn’t seem to to work either).


You could try the free Musicbrainz Picard editing tool to see if the names align. You actually need to force Audirvana to resync the folder once you have edited or replaced those files, otherwise they won’t show up.