Yate vs Audirvana for tagging?

Who is using a Mac and has feedback to share on Pros and Cons of using Yate vs Audirvana for tagging?
Obviously Yate is much more powerful, but most of us prefer being able to do everything within one single software and not have to juggle between many software when managing large music volumes. With Audirvana being able to edit tags too, I wonder what most of you typically use?

Also, please share any tips you use in your workflow, from getting new music files from somewhere, to listening them, selecting them, tagging them consistently with your library, and finally adding them officially to your library.


I use Yate exclusively, and have been for about 2 years now. What I really like about doing all my tagging in Yate as opposed to Audirvana is A) the ability to very quickly and easily drag multiple folders into Yate for tagging a bunch of things in a single session, B) the larger space of the UI is just more convenient to use… it’s a lot of scrolling up and down in the much smaller tag window in Audirvana, C) and this is the big one… automated actions in Yate are unmatched by anything else I’ve ever used. There are a lot of power auto-naming, auto-replacing, features in Yate that you simply cannot do in Audirvana.

For example… I find file names all the time that are in ALL CAPS. I can use Yate to rename the file by capitalizing each first letter (or some other parameter if you like), and then tell it to take the new file name and translate it to the track title tag. Or you can go vice-versa. Set this “action” to a user assigned button, and click once to make it all happen automatically.

Another feature I use almost every day of my life, is having Yate rename the files according to the track title tag, and then rename the containing folder (I use “Album Artist - Year - Album Title”) Audirvana just can’t provide this level of customization and automation when it comes to music library management.

If your tagging and organizing needs are much more limited, Audirvana does a fine job of simply tagging files, adding artwork, etc.

I do use both, but Yate is my primary for sure. Hope you find this helpful.


Super useful!!! Thanks Scot!
I have not dug into actions yet but it seemed almost too advanced for what i needed
Any good tutorial out there on Actions?

For me the answer is easy and clear: tagging with Yate - listening with Audirvana.
Needs some work to get used to it, but afterwards you will be able to manage almost everything and you will not be disappointed.
Included with Yate the best software support I ever experienced within many, many years (… don’t tell further).

I would like to get involved with using Yate, but I am having a hard time to find out what this thing is doing. So far, I used MusicBrainz Picard and to me, it looks OK. I am somewhat overwhelmed with all those Yate options.

Never heard about Yate until now, and one thing I might have missed from their lengthy feature list; does it do classical “works” like iTunes - or just “songs” ?


I suggest a test of the support of Yate with asking your question there (I don’t understand clearly your question). Additionally to download the 14 days free trial of the software.

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Normally I use Jaikoz to tag. In the past I used Yate for DSD files because Jaikoz was unable to manage it. Now that Jaikoz can tag also the DSD there is no anymore raison to use Yate.
My workflow to add music is simple:
Rip with XLD (or download the digital file from Qobuz or other web site).
Open with Jaikoz to normalise the data and the structure of the directories (composer/title/performers)
Transfer the music files to the NAS
Sync the Audirvana library

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There isn’t a step where you listen to the new albim to see if it’s a keep or kill, before you add it to the library?

If I got the file is because I want it. I can have heard it in a cd, radio, streaming service or any other channel.
I don’t buy a cd or a dematerialised music before to know if I like it or not.