Year not showing on albums released before 1970

hello i have a bizarre issue

as you can see in this screenshot AO doesn’t display the year

but it’s clearly in the tags

or here

what’s more bizarre, it doesn’t happen with albums released after 1971

some examples

liege & lief is 1969

all my albums before 1970 are not showing year

Yes big bug in that field mentioned many times

Strangely, at first glance appears to be OK here:

Although the Release Date is blank within Studio…

…and 1969 from within my tag editor:


Agreed, a bug that seems to have been there for ages.
You’d think it’d be reatively easy to fix?

older version was tagging wrong date 31/12/1968 for 1969 ??? why again :slight_smile:

there is the year of the album that goes in the tracks tag window
and also the release date of the album… 2 different places in Audirvana.

You can add the year tab in your layout if you want…

Hi @cosmicpoems,

Can you please send us one of the files of this album at


I have sent a file at

Got it, thank you.

Every albums 1970 and under won’t get the release date… then if you change metadata like recompute DR or remove stars then save, the date will vanished after… you have to do all editing before writing the released date by hand…

Yes I have noticed that the date disappear, it’s very odd because when I finish listening to an album, I will change metadata like year or album cover, Audirvāna will display the year, but then the date will disappear the next day or so

We will take a look at this issue next week and come back to you.

hello, did you tried the file I have sent to support?

Hi @cosmicpoems,

We have not found time to take a look at it but I will update you when it will be done.

hello, another user reported this bug, i’m glad i thought i was alone, can you look into it?

I didn’t know that we were looking for confirmation. I have the same experience with albums 1970 or older.

Audirvana Origin 2.2.2 (20202)
macOS Version 13.1 (Build 22C65) with 16GB physical RAM
Connected account of : Michael Sacks

Hello, can you please look for a solution for this bug? Ty

@Antoine Why has this issue/bug not been addressed and fixed. You have know about this issue for months and months and have done NOTHING.

If you want to curate your library by album artist → year → album , this issue prevents it from being accurate based on your metadata.

In lots of SQL databases (including sqlite used by Audirvana) the minimum value for standard date functions is 1970. There are ways to get around it, but those are not easy fixes. I have a slight suspicion that could be the problem here.

Date And Time Functions (

It certainly is a bug that has to be fixed, but maybe it is a tad more complicated, who knows?