YOU have one choice to make Studio or Origin better

Never gonna happen mate.
Would far sooner see some sort of UPnP standardisation implemented, as all the ‘Plays With’ manufacturers appear to be somewhat niche.
No Arcam, Cyrus, Musical Fidelty, Pro-Ject?? Not exactly ‘minor’ brands.

There are no native 1-bit PDM (DSD) recordings beyond 11.2MHz (DSD256)… All DSD512 and DSD1024 are iterations of a lower sample-rate PDM recording as a product of modulating the fundamental 1-bit sample-rate to these higher 1-bit sample-rates…

The Nyquist of a 11.2MHz (DSD256) signal is 5.6MHz !

The more salient factor in DSD sound-quality is intrinsically tied to the design of the DAC and its output signal… To get the most from any given DSD file playback, your DAC must not introduce the signal to a multi-bit (DSD-Wide) output architecture, it must provide a pure 1-bit PDM signal path to a simple low-pass output circuit.

Even if your DAC is DSD-centric, the odds of perceiving tangibly audible differences, between a DSD256 (11.2MHz) recording and a modulated iteration DSD512 (22.4MHz) audition of the native 11.2MHz recording, are virtually impossible…

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Oops! I bought several dsd’s from NativeDSD, notably the very good Beethoven cyclus from Anima Eternal with Jos van Immerseel (original DXD) and some Josep Colom piano pieces (original DSD256); both upsampled to DSD512 by them with HQplayer pro and I quite like them. I also heard differences between DSD256 and DSD512, whatever the reason might be on my T+A Dac200 and even the IFI Neo Stream. Also PSaudio upsamples in its DAC to 20 times DSD, then applies simple filters and replays them. Obviously with a sound reason.

But I agree with @Ironz it will probably never happen. Probably to difficult to make, otherwise somebody would have. But it is still my one wish :wink:

As I don’t want to buy Microsoft Windows with an ASIO driver, I am stuck with DSD256, which is not bad either…

There is technical rationale for modulating PCM to DSD (Ted Smith has provided great insight into modulating PCM to DSD)… I modulate all PCM to DSD via r8Brain in Audirvana…

It is entirely possible to discern tangible audible differences between DSD files modulated from lower resolution PCM/DXD files to DSD of any sample-rate…

This statement is contextually dependent…
Contextual harmonic and spatial elements are codified in the primary A/D sample-rate… Modulating to a higher sample-rate does not add or subtract harmonic and spatial information.

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That is what I do as well: upsampling to DSD256 via r8Brain.
I thought the theory was: upsampling as high as you can get, then do the filtering as to preserve as much harmonic and spatial elements.
Maybe that also explains the differences I hear from upsampled pcm and dxd files to ultimately DSD512 (on the Ifi Neo stream).
Hence my wish for an upgraded usb driver in macOS.

des this idea mean I can play to a normal UPnP renderer and use an iPad as an end point to play as well then I am interested

My use case is to play to an iPad and then Bluetooth from the iPad to BT headphones

You’ve piqued my interest, you tease :shushing_face: :rofl: :rofl:
I’d also be interested @Antoine

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What do you mean by “normal renderer”?

Then don’t hesitate to send me an email at

We will respond to it during this week with the information about the beta testing :wink:

Later next week, we will release it to the public on the forum, so it’s kinda a preview of the Beta :smiley:

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I use a Naim Uniti Atom HE , hence my question. I am 100% headphones apart from few minutes on BT speakers while cooking etc

During summer I like to sit out on the patio and use an iPad as an End Point and then to BT Earphones

Would the improvement allow this, currently I cannot do this with my iPad.

The version we are talking about will not be related to this use case.

OK , it’s one bit that i missing imho

The captured contextual harmonic and spatial information is codified by the original recording A/D sample-rate encoding… Upsampling/modulating DSD (1-bit PDM) just injects zero’s (0) to increase the fundamental sample-rate to the target sample-rate… This results in a smoothing of the signal presented to the 1-bit output circuit, but does nothing else to the encoded bits in regard to harmonic and spatial integrity, that is encoded in the originating recording A/D.

The differential of the two waveforms in complex music reproduction at those sample-rate resolutions is indiscernible to the human hearing neurology, but is susceptible to subjective cognitive biases… Remember, the Nyquist of DSD256 (11.2MHz) is 5.6MHz… A 11.2MHz (DSD256) signal has a throughput of approximately 536Mbps… a 5.6MHz (DSD128) signal with a SNR of 144dB has a throughput of approximately 268Mbps and a Nyquist of 2.8MHz.

It is entirely possible that DSD512 and DSD1024 can inject distortions (signal corruption at the bit-level) because of inadequate slew-rate performance inherent in the critical component topology of any given DAC and computer platform topology, due to the frequency of the bit-stream and symbiotic clocking interrupts.

Upsampling/modulating PCM to 1-bit PDM (DSD) is a different story… and there is a rational point of diminishing returns when considering conversions beyond 11.2MHz (DSD256) or even 5.6MHz (DSD128).

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I paid the $49 for the Studio year subscription. So far, I am not happy with it because I have to have my PC on all of the time to access the control app. I already have a server that is on 100% of the time, and I can have Roon in my server. I am trying Audirvana due to cost, but I keep finding myself using my streamer’s app since it is easier to use.
I would love to see Audirvana move 100% to be a mobile application instead of having a pc/server.

I would love to see Audirvana move 100% to be a mobile application instead of having a pc/server.

I wouldn’t say 100%. Having both dedicated PC and/or server-based install options would be ideal. :+1:


Would you be keeping your music files on your mobile?

A very big SD Card, I have a SanDisc 1 tb , with a good sample of my FLAC library. I use USB player pro then BT to Sony HW-1000MX4

Not as good as the home system but plenty good enough for travelling

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