YOU have one choice to make Studio or Origin better

I would like to have, in the tracks view, the possibility of widening the category columns further: genre, comments, composers, etc.
If you load a lot of metadata into the songs in your collection, you won’t be able to see all the metadata, because the categories have fairly small preset widths.
Unless I’m wrong, I don’t think there is a way/function to widen them beyond the preset maximum.

An alternative would be an option to have smaller fonts.

For me it would be something very important.
Thank you.

You surely can on mac at least, have to put your mouse at the end of a category, it will change to a separator then stretch anyway you want, add or remove category with right click on the titles line… be home later if you need pictures :grinning:

this is the maximum I can enlarge, but it is not enough to include all the musicians who took part in the recording of an album.

Maybe you can put all that in comments instead :grinning:

What is your screen size?

Looks like you try to put a book in one line :grinning:

You also copy all that text, put anymore you want or pictures if you can and save it as a .pdf and name it: booklet.pdf and put that file within the CD tracks and you will be able to read it in Audirvana while your music play…

Just a side remark: Do you have the performing artists in the ‘composer’ tag? Those should be in the ‘performer’ tag. I don’t know if that helps with the maximum width of the column, but in the composer tag there are usually not so many names.

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Maybe you can find a reasonably priced Naim Unity Atom… That way you need only one atom… :wink:


Thanks for the replies

I come from the Music app, I entered everything on composers there because there is no performer tag.
Now going to edit all the material will be very complex, but sooner or later I will do it.

I’m still testing with Audirvana and haven’t brought the collection yet.

P.S I am aware that I am a cataloging maniac, I love so much the fact that by writing the name of a musician I can find not only the records of his main project but also all those on which he worked in a secondary way, or perhaps by writing Berlin, find all artists living in berlin in my collection.

Please expand on why you refuse to rent software!?

Still waiting for Audirvan to remember user settings for different DACs…
It’s tedious to have to go into preferences and change every time…

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One thing I miss is the separate section for Composer, I know it can be configured on the fly but a fixed Composer selection would make Classical Navigation a lot easier


Added Spotify,Deezer or Amazon Music in Studio, then i think a lot of people take Audirvana.

I prefer to play Tidal through AS so I would like to see as much of the native Tidal app’s features replicated as possible. Like artist radio, track radio, create new playlist, etc.

Some of this, I realize, may not be possible. I don’t know how much functionality the Tidal API exposes.

As for pricing, that is a tough one. I see both sides. At least the sub for AS is much lower than Roon’s, which costs more than some streaming plans. I don’t even want to give the free trial a chance, knowing I’ll never go that route

Hi @hifime,

We do not display artist radio or track radio but when you are at the end of an album or a playlist, it’s track radio from the last playing track that goes on. In the case of TIDAL playlist creation, you can already do this in Audirvāna Studio in the playlist manager:



I just subscribed to one year of Studio after the trial was done. My intention is to move away from ROON which I run the NUC ROCK version.

I like AS on the desktop for my Schiit Lyr+ / SMSL DO300 set up. But a feature I would really really like to see w/ Audirvana is a “server” option that could run on a barebones NUC or a Synology NAS. Needing a running desktop to access for remote Audirvana is just not my cup of tea, so to speak.


Hi @Signal2Noise, please send us an email at as we may have something for you coming that will interest you :wink:


Multiple endpoints (Audirvana Server)

For the Mac the USB port is limiting the output of Adirvana as far as DSD is concerned (DSD over PCM with a maximum of DSD256). You can of course output to UPNP, then to a server and then to an USB DAC, but this is not ideal for several reasons.
What if Audirvana is able to design an USB driver for the Mac that can output up to DSD1024? That would be awesome!

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gimme gimme gimme …I’ll test it

If he can get it to DSD512 it would be excellent.