1) Options for Audirvana 3.5.users? 2) The subscription model

Let me put it this way. As subjective as it is, HQPlayer sounds superior to AS as far as I’m concerned. Secondly, I found the developer of HQPlayer very helpful. He responded to my questions promptly and provided additional information to help me search for better sound.

The master license I have even allowed me to use on the Linus OS system. The customer service and the help I received worth every penny I paid for the HQPlayer master license.

As to the continuing support beyond two years, as long as Windows 10 doesn’t morph into something completely different, I’m sure it will last more than five years. Think about it, if HQPlayer works to my satisfaction now, I won’t need any active support anyway. So, it is okay if the developer no longer “actively” supports V4 in 2024. As to the “driver” update, that will come from the DAC I’m using. So, no, I am not worried about the long-term support.

If you’re using the Linux version, it should run perfectly with this OS even in ten years.

Sound good to me!!! All WITHOUT paying a monthly or annual subscription fee! :grin:

Two years are too little for an application. Nobody replaces his applications every two years.
An application should last at least five years.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a music player or a text processor.

Good for you. Read this:

You use the word perfectly very liberally I see.

As far as Damien being hard at work every day fixing bugs, how can you possibly know that.

I can just as easily state that he’s taking a week vacation and celebrating Bastille Day.


Send all complaints to support@audirvana.com

Windows 11 is around the corner:

What for?
Damien3 said: “You’ll get trial extension of two weeks to enjoy the remote, just send us a mail to support”. My trial come to an end, so I sent my mail last week, and got no answer.

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beta windows testing on beta Studio testing… should work :slight_smile:
remote? :slight_smile:


Interesting! However, HQPlayer’s latest version is still “HQPlayer 4 Desktop,” which I have. I’m sure HQPlayer 4 will be able to play in Windows 11 as well. It is a good thing Windows 11 is happening now before HQPlayer moves to V5.

Btw, how many filters do you have under V3? I have 32 filters and ten different dither options. My favorite filter is sinc-M with dither at LNS-15. Do you have these two available in your settings?

By the way, Windows 11 on the horizon may be “bad news” for owners of A3.5 if Audirvana is not going to waste time making sure A3.5 works under Windows 11!

If that is the case, A3.5 owners may have to stick with Windows 10 until Microsoft no longer supports it.

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Everything Apple has ever done, Microsoft copied it up to the last gimmick.
After copying the mouse, the windows, the icons, and the look and feel of the Mac, it started to imitate Apple’s appellations in order to be more Mac like.

Apple made OS X, Microsoft called its OS Windows 10. Apple stopped to call it OSX, and released macOS 11, which is Big Sur, so Microsoft hurries to change the name to Windows 11.
But in the fall, we will get macOS 12, Monterey, and I wonder what Microsoft will do… It’s completely unable to upgrade Windows every year. Can do it maybe once in a decade.

They can also buy a Mac and switch their A3.5 license to the Mac version.

There is a forum discussing the impossibility of switching A3.5 to the Mac platform if you are not already an owner of the cross-platform version A3.5. In other words, even if you are willing to pay for the Mac version of A3.5, you are out of luck.


Sans l’aide financiére de Microsoft, il y a quelques dizaines d’années, Apple serait mort.
Microsoft a sauvé Apple, car sinon il serait tombé dans la loi anti trust, car Microsoft aurait eu le monopole.

Ce n’était pas “une aide”, Bill Gates avait investi dans le capital d’Apple. Et c’est vrai que ça s’est produit à un moment où Apple avait des difficultés. Mais en contrepartie, Apple a abandonné ses poursuites contre Microsoft pour la copie du Mac et surtout de QuickTime.
C’était un accord bénéfique pour les deux parties.

Si je me souviens bien, Microsoft avait investi 150 millions de dollars dans Apple. Même si cet apport était le bienvenu, Apple aurait sans doute survécu même sans cet argent. Mais ce qui était encore plus important pour Apple dans l’accord, c’était l’engagement de Microsoft de continuer à développer et à éditer la version Office pour Mac pendant une période de 5 ans, je crois. Si Microsoft avait arrêté la vente d’Office pour le Mac, il y avait des fortes chances qu’Apple ne se remette jamais.

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An application is tool, I buy tools with the expectation that they just work. Ad infinitum.
I have a hammer that’s over 50 years old, still works. :rofl:

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It’s true, if you don’t upgrade your OS. In this case, an application should last forever.

I keep my old Macs and all their applications continue to run perfectly well. I have a 2001 or 2002 G4 17’ PowerBook, and it still functions like the day I bought it.