A couple of issues to fix before purchasing

Audirvana Origin looks very promising. A couple of issues keep me from purchasing it:

  1. Audirvana Origin displays my Playlists in a separate list from the left side bar, so I have to click an extra time to see them. When they do display, there is a time lag of several seconds before they display. I want to see my playlists on the left when I open the app, like I can now with Audirvana 3.5, and I would like them to display as fast as they do in Audirvana 3.5.

  2. My Goodhertz Canopener Studio 3 plugin does not show properly when I try to view it in real time. It shows as a tiny little box. The same thing happens with Audirvana Plus 3.5.46 and Audirvana Plus 3.5.50.

Until these problems are fixed I will continue to use Audirvana Plus 3.5.41. (Unfortunately, Aurdirvana Studio also has the same problems.)

Once these issues are fixed I will gladly purchase Audirvana Origin.

Great plugin! I use also Midside. No need for realtime, I have a slow PC. I made some settings good for most cases. That’s why I don’t understand things like “wich software sounds better”. Audirvana has a beautiful sound but in conjunction with Goodhertz… wow!

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You have an option to do this here (the arrow pointing to the left icon):


Which version of OS are you using?

I’m using a macOS Monterey Version 12.3.1 on an M1 Mac Mini

I just realized that the Canopener plugin window displays properly in Audirvana Origin if I check the [Experimental] Use new Audio Units macOS hosting API, so this is no longer a problem.

I just purchased Audirvana Origin - thanks!

Origin worked well on a M1 Mac Mini during a day, and now I encounter the following issues:

  • A reboot of the network player to change the micro SD card of the Linux distribution, rendered Origin unstable, and it finished by crushing. This issue existed already with Studio.

  • After a relaunch of Origin, the beach ball appears very often, and the player synchronizes a new the library files for no reason at all. And it takes a lot of time.

  • Origin does not stream properly to Volumio. This point is very annoying, because two of my family members are attached to Volumio and use it on their endpoint.

A simple click to change the playlist makes appear the beach ball, and it turns for about a minute before displaying the content of the playlist that was selected.

I have issues with the Remote app for iPhone/iPad - it has a hard time finding my computer and constantly loses connection to Audirvana Origin on my M1 Mac Mini. I have to force close the Remote app and reopen it every time I want to use it. (Yes, I’m using the latest versions of Remote and Audirvana Origin.)

Also - where is the Show File Location in Origin?

cmd+i on the track, then go to “infos”. You can see the path, and if you click on the folder icon, it’ll take you there.

Thanks Yohmi!

9 hours later, this synchronization did not end yet, and seems endless!
All this time, the player displays the beach ball each time I click on something.

The player is advertised for a library of 500,000 tracks, but it is horribly slow with only 100,000 tracks that I loaded to it.

I want to see if Origin will end this synchronization.
During all this time, I play music with another application.

The problem for me is that if Origin is not reliable, not only I may waste my time when I want to listen to an album, but I will also have to provide support to my wife and daughter each time they will encounter an issue with it.

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13 hours into the endless synchronization.

  1. Synchronization still goes on.
  2. It’s impossible to quit Origin, this option is grayed.
  3. Nevertheless, macOS does not say that the application freeze.
  4. When I click on any of the playlists, Origin display absolutely nothing.

Enough for today, I will force it to quit.

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I don’t know what it did all day long.


I don’t think that this is the case, because during all this time I listened to music with other applications. I just erased these apps from the screenshot that I posted, because I don’t want to advertise other products on the site of Audirvana.

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I mention only once the name of another player on this site, and it was because Antoine asked me to do it.

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Speaking of Mr @Antoine , I’m pretty sure that he will get the couple of little issues sorted out in short order. Couple days and some smooth sailing ahead.

Hi !
What are your favorite settings in Canopener Studio 3 ?
I am trying this plug inn for first time and I have no experience with vst effects in audio player software.
I used some vst filters in video editing software years ago trying to reduce floor bass rumble.
I set bass to lowest value available of 20 HZ in this plug inn, but I don’t know if I am doing right thing.
I can hear the difference for better overall sound using Studio 3 without loosing any detail etc.
I was little sceptical and did not believe that using this kind of plug inn will benefit my hearing experience so I am positively surprised
I didn’t try yet this plug inn with speakers listening. Headphones only using Zen Dac version 1
I just purchased Zen Air Dac new inexpensive dac that sounds fantastic and not any worse than original Zen Dac.
This new Dac I am using with Mac Mini and Monterey OS running Audirvana Studio latest version.
If there are any similar plug inns available for Mac ?

I guess I am doing something wrong.
I was playing track with heavy bass and Studio 3 plug inn was giving me bad distortion in the right channel.
I put back bass setting to 250 hz but that didn’t help.
With plug inn off this track is playing fine in Audirvana 3.5.51


Hello @Cloclo,

Please send us the report generated when you click on force to quit for Audirvāna Origin, it will help us determine what is the root cause of your issue.

You can send it at support@audirvana.com