New Audirvāna Origin

I like Studio (Windows, usb dac). I don’t understand why a (very) small company should complicate his life. A single product (Studio) should be enough: with different skins for people who want to change his look, with license or subsciption, with modules that can be activated or not, even with a price. Don’t want to stream, don’t stream. Why a different product? The plugins system for various needs, like Winamp or foobar, I think it’s the best.


This is a perfectly normal part of Beta Testing, please submit your observations to [email protected] Attn: Antoine

Is this a joke?

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Is this a joke?

14 days late perhaps :thinking:

Marketing genius maybe :thinking:

Eventually New Audirvāna Original will deserve its own category that way folks needing support won’t be posting in the News category. Attention Mr @Antoine

thank you for doing this. :heart: merci!


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I just signed on to the trial, I have Audirvana 3.5. My 3.5 settings were successfully imported, but not any of my 3.5 playlists. I can manually import the regular Playlists, but how do I move my Smart Playlists to Origin?

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Deleting the AudirvanaDatabase.sqlite database, and relaunching Origin, forced it to reimport my settings from AudirvanaPlusDatabaseV2.sqlite, and my playlists were successfully imported on that second attempt.


Regarding the MusicBrainz analysis, that is what I wanted to know, too many people had far too many problems with that before.

Probably right. I‘m one of the last who bought 3.5 few weeks before it was dropped. So far it works.
The new „Origin“ will get updates until 2025 - and then ?

Dropped like 3.5 ?


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So typically Audirvāna M.O. Let’s drop the major update / new product on a Friday and check out for the weekend. Unbelievable that they keep doing the same thing with the same results. Hopefully someone can help out or you lose the weekend of your free trial.

I stand corrected good of @Antoine to come in on the weekend to massage a few bugs.


@Antoine, this seems like a good idea to me, at least in theory. I have a pretty large, local music library, and it would be great to have a new software that allows me to efficiently browse and navigate it.

My two obvious questions, which will come as completely no surprise to anyone who has seen any of my previous posts, are, does it have a Column Browser, like the one in iTunes/ Apple Music/ TimmyTunes, like Audirvana Plus always did (and still does, currently running flawlessly for me), and does it actually work with the MicroRendu/ other UPnP devices, like Audirvana Plus also does?

If the answer is “yes”, to both of these, I might consider the free trial. Without checking both boxes, it’s a nice idea, on which I will most likely pass.

Thanks to anyone who can provide informative responses!

Hello everyone, Mac M1, dac RME ADI2 FS, all music on SYNOLOGY
no problem for installation it works perfectly, the search by folder is really perfect, too bad for the price a bit high.
I’m still testing 15 days.

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I wanted to buy this kind of dac but didn’t have the money. Great!

It is exactly the same as Audirvana Studio, just remove the podcasts, radios, streaming services and Musicbrainz extra tags.
As of right now, no column browsing (I understand this is important for you, I honestly don’t know if it’s the case for many people). Only folder trees (but it’s not new).

For UPnP my experience (with my beloved Yamaha WXC-50) is still not as good as it could (wrong displayed track, can’t scroll within a track, sometimes playing time is shown sometimes not, I haven’t got the “stop at the end of a track and not playing the next one” yet but I suppose it’s coming too). Audirvana Origin still has to deal with the various flawed implementations of UPnP around, as it’s still not a UPnP Server.

really the best


@Yohmi , thanks for the info, Sounds like the name should be Studio Lite perhaps. This now makes a lot of sense as to why the Studio updates have been so local library centric as of late. This and the Japanese product are at the front of the focus evidently. Hope your test goes well, take care.

Upper pic are commands from “old” 3.5 for which I purchased both Mac and Win licences separately, and lower are commands of new Origin. I miss the stop command. Instead I have to use shortcut “Cmd+.” . Since I use my Mac for various tasks beside Audirvana playback, and sometimes have to listen sound from other sources pause only stops playback but doesn’t break “integer mode”, one has to stop playback in Audirvana to activate sound in other aplications… So please add stop button.


Click on the little lock :lock: on right side to stop. Yes it’s goofy for certain

Every other piece of equipment uses a square as stop, universal language SMH

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