Albums with songs repeated two times

Hello everybody
I am new user… I buyed a license for Audirvana Windows 10 but I have found a lot of problems…
I see the songs duplicated in the same albums. this is so frustrating. What I can do?



@Marco_Fullone - Can you check the complete path of two duplicated tracks?
For this you can use the Tracks details panel (Show Metadata command of the View menu to raise it) and then click on a track.

Then, at the top of this panel, you have the Location for the track
If for two duplicated tracks the locations are different, this means these are duplicated files on your disk. You may then want to check if you can delete one copy.

Dear Damien2

thanks for your kind answer
I am sure that I do not have any duplicated files
I also use Roon and I do not have this problem with the same file library

Hi Marco, I have the same problem ( duplicate songs) with some of the albums.
I have entire Audirvana library on a external SSD. No duplicate files there.

Hi, Everyone. Hi Damien,

As the others persons above, same problems of duplicate songs… This issue goes on even if I erase The database and remake it from scratch…
My configuration : Audirvana 3.5 (but problems has occured long before this version) is on a mac mini (early 2011) with Sierra connected in USB to the internal DAC of an Oppo UDP-205. The audio files (Flac) are located on an NAS (synology DS218+ with 2 HDD Western Digital Red of 3 Tb on Raid 1 mode).

Could the RAid 1 mode be the source of the problem ?
Thanks for help,

Hello @AlainL, i have almost the same configuration as you. I face the duplicates issue as well. I dont think the RAID1 setup is the reason for the problem. i have been in RAID 1 since years …

Like other members, i have noticed the issue happens also when you move track files from one folder to another, or simply when you add tracks to the watched folders, while AV is opened …
There are never issues when you add/move files while AV is closed, and then refreshes on launch. This is a good workaround but really annoying.
@Antoine thoughts? working on it?

Sometime ago i had that thing happening when looking in the info panel of Audirvana some of my files had the same path, but don’t know why a double was created that will not play… it just had a / before the name…

The only way i found a cure, was to delete my database here:
Go to User… Home Folder… Library… Applications Support… Audirvana Folder…
Trash All the files in that folder (that is your database of music, back it up! or not)

and restart mac, then Audirvana, then i put back normally my files, but i had to reload my playlists (that are saved elsewhere on mac).

While writting, i think i have not done that, but just replace my database with an older one that i always keep as backup… that way, i didn’t lose my playlists… just lose the count play of files i did play between the 2 versions…

Hi Damien,

same thing for me. Late 2012 Mac mini with El Capitan. My library is on my NAS, and I have no duplicate files on it.


Hi there. Deleting the database, like RunHomeSlow suggested, did the trick. One loses all playlists though. I didn’t have many, but if one has spent a lot of time building their own database up, it may be a bummer. Anyway, it works.

The thing to do is to export your playlist one by one in the audirvana menu bar and saved them somewhere on your mac or pc, then when you have a bug you can reimport them all in one shot with shift key.

@RunHomeSlow how are playlists exported when you do that? i mean which format? does that also take care of manually built playlist, not just smart PL? i have collected by best recorded and audiophile test/demo tracks manually in one playlist, but i keep having to rebuild it everytime i have an Audirvana crash of database “corrupt” … which has been 4 or 5 times since version 3.5 … too often … with no explanation. It seems to be a matter of general stability in this new release. Do you see this as well, or it never crashes or corrupts?

Just right click one and export as .m3u to somewhere in a folder call like ‘’’playlists’’ do like 5 or 6 then try to import them back in Audirvana with the + sign

My database is always fine, it doesn’t crash ??
Maybe its Audirvana that crash for you not Database ?

Hi, Damien,
I am tracking that problem, and I can reproduce it. I let you know soon how it happens.


Bonjour Damien,
Voilà ce que j’ai constaté. D’abord ma configuration:

  • Macmini late 2012 with El Capitan
  • Ma musique est sur un NAS
  • La re-synchronisation automatique au démarrage est sur ON

Si je lance un album, celui-ci se retrouve dans la liste de lecture. En milieu ou en fin de lecture, je ferme AUDIRVANA. Quand je le redémarre les pistes sont toujours dans la liste de lecture, et la synchronisation va faire un doublon de toutes ces pistes. Au bout de plusieurs jours on a ainsi plusieurs albums “contaminés”. Si la re-synchronisation automatique au démarrage est sur OFF, il n’y a plus de problème. Je n’ai pas testé la synchronisation manuelle dans le même contexte.


Bonjour @Alain, est-ce que votre NAS est de la marque Synology?

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Bonjour Damien,
Non, c’est un QNAP.

Est-ce qu’il y a un problème connu avec les NAS sYNOLOGY?

Bonjour @danberilloux, il y a en effet un problème au niveau de l’indexation de piste dans Synology: Duplicate Tracks (3.5.17)

merci @Antoine j’ai tout réindexé dans le file system du NAS.

Par contre, il y a toujours des problèmes de “Date d’Ajout” (voir mon autre post dédié).

Et de crash régulier (je pense que c’est une corruption de la base de données/ library).