AS does not know to sort metadata

To try AS, I use only a few dozens of albums of my music collection.
I set the filter that sorts my music in the library to “Albums Artist”.

Despite my setting, AS is unable to sort the artists in the library in alphabetical order.
This is a screenshot of the “Artist view” of the library. The name of the first artist that is displayed starts with “K”, then comes “M”, followed by “R” and “2”, and only then come the artists whose name starts with “A”.

I get something a bit different in "Album view. In this view, the albums of the artists whose name starts with “D” come first. They are followed by “K”, “M”, “R”, “2”, and then come the albums of the artists whose name starts with “A”…

And even in “Tracks view” while sorting the tracks is set by the “Album Artist” column, the artists whose name starts with “K” are displayed first, then comes “M”, followed by “R” and “2”, and only then come the artists whose name starts with “A”.

This problem is not specific to V1.5.7. It’s like that in my library since many versions of AS. I spoke about it in various threads, but the issue was not resolved.

I just can imagine the horrible mess that I’ll get, if I load to AS all my music collection that is composed of thousands of artists and albums.

I wonder this is because your Artists are specified as “LastName, FirstName”.

In my case Artists are specified as “FirstName LastName” but AS is trying to be smart and is sorting by LastName first, which is annoying.

All this is somehow related to the MusicBrainz ID tag.
Because in the input of the “Album artist’” of my tracks, the artist of the album that is displayed first with the letter “K” does not start with “K”. It starts with “M”.
This is what I have in my "Album “Artist” tag: “Menuhin, Yehudi; Kempff, Wilhelm”…

I sort only classical music by last name. But even if AS does what you say, for the first album that is displayed with “K”, there’s no way to display it before the letter “A”, because the artists of this album are: “Menuhin, Yehudi; Kempff, Wilhelm”

You’re right, it uses a strange mix of logic on sorting:

Not only MusicBrainz ID tag changes the names of my artists, AS is unable to sort them neither in the alphabetic order of the names that MusicBrainz attributes nor to the one that I input in the “Album Artist” tag.

FWIW this is not new, just checked A 3.5.46 and it performs the same mystery sorting

So these are old bugs on a new product. :sunglasses:

But with AS, it is more confusing, because the MusicBrainz tag is also changing the names of the artists…

For me, after almost two months of trial, the library management of AS is unusable at this stage. :confused:

I can sort Artists:

Note the sort criteria on the left of the screen.

I believe Studio should sort by the ARTISTSORT tag; if this tag is blank, then it should sort artists by the ARTIST tag (i.e. by the first word in the tag).

Also note the filter used:

In your own screenshots the artists are sorted by Last Name when applicable.

I use the same filter, “Album Artists”. I said and loaded a screenshot of the setting in the first post of this thread.
And this is how the sorting is tagged for the first artist that Audirvana displays:

This is for the second artist in Audirvana’s display:

This is for the third artist in Audirvana’s display:

If MusicBrainz has its share for the mess in the library of @VoyagerDude and nine, maybe its database is less accurate for classical music and jazz, than for rock and pop,

It’s just my 2 cents.

Hello @Doudou ,

Can you click on your Artist Kempf,Wilhelm and then open the metadata editor? Please send us a screenshot of what you see in it.


Here it is. Both the “Artist” tag and the “Artist sorting” tag start with “Kempff”.

It’s the same thing for the other artists that are not sorted correctly.

Can you send us your database file at If the file is more than 20MB, we will send us a link to upload it.

To go to it with the Finder:

  1. Open its Go menu
  2. Pressing the option (or alt) key, and maintain it pressed. This reveals the Library command in this Go menu.
  3. Click on this Library command
  4. In the Finder window that opens, navigate into Application Support, then Audirvana
  5. You’ll find there the file AudirvanaDatabase.sqlite

I want to be sure that I’m sending you the correct database, because I run on my Mac two other versions of Audirvana, in addition to AS. I have Audirvana Plus for which I have a license, and A3.5 for which a friend lent me his activation key, so I can compare it to AS during the trial.

This is the screenshot of all the Audirvana databases, which should I send?

AudirvanaDatabase.sqlite as stated in my post

Its size is 19.3 MB. I’ll try to send it by mail.

The mail was sent, and it passed. My message on the mail is in French.

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Looking at your database, all of the artist/performers below have a space at the beginning of the Artist name, this is why you see them first:

Ambrosian Singers
Cargill, Karen
Consensus Vocalis
Farberman, Harold/The All Star Percussion Ensemble
Finley, Gerald
Gergiev, Valery/Mariinsky Orchestra
Hauser, Stjepan
Hugh, Tim
Kempff, Wilhelm
Kremer, Annemarie
Mac Master, John
Mackerras, Sir Charles/Scottish Chamber Orchestra
Mackerras/Scottish CO
Nikolitch, Gordan
Robinson, Twyla
Rousset, Chritopher/Les Talents Lyriques
Rousset/Les Talents Lyriques
Smits, Geert
Thomas, Michael Tilson/Columbia Jazz Band
Vogt, Lars
Wilke te Brummelstroete, Reijans, Marcel
Winther, Karin/Taby Church Chamber Choir

They don’t have a space in the tags of my files. AS truncated their names and created a space.