Audirvana Studio first feedback

I test Audirvana Studio at the moment.
First, the sound playback is great !
Difficult to be sure if it’s better or equal to Audirvana 3.5, but the first sound impressions are really good.
Some small bugs for the moment (refreshing display for example) … and a more important one concerning the radio playback. One a the major reason I want to switch to Audirvana Studio is radio playback capabilities. I listen to FIP (French radio). In Audirvana Studio, I can find the two available stream - mp3 or aac. The aac stream couldn’t be played … Audirvana studio stream only the mp3 stream … that’s bad.

Congrats Damien !

You are not the first feedback…

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Of course … but it’s mine. :wink:

I guess the mods will join them all under one thread

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