Direct Mode enable in macOS High Sierra


I just ajusted my text file for enabling Direct Mode in High Sierra (working already with beta) from the Sierra one.
Since Onyx is not yet ready for repairing the permissions after the replacement of the .ktext,
there is a new workaround… Thanx again katsu :slight_smile:

This is just for those already testing the High Sierra betas and can’t live without Direct Mode enabled in A+
if not, you don’t need that :slight_smile:


Does this actually work with official High Sierra Release ?

Can someone confirm?

Best Regards


Yes. Working fine on mine :slight_smile:

Ok, Cool Thank You
I’m gonna give it a try then tomorrow

cant open your link

This one should work… don’t understand i didn’t change anything:

At home now… I tried them, all links are good??? even the one you pasted not working…

I’m sticking to El Cap because1) I’m lazy, and 2) direct mode makes such a significant improvement in imaging, clarity, and overall sound quality.

I assume that somewhere in the MacOS driver data chain there is an integer-floating point-integer conversion step? I can’t imagine anything else that would cause non-direct mode to be so much of degradation (hear the same thing with tidal app, Roon app… nothing is like direct mode).

Feeding a Mytek Brooklyn DAC from a mac mini. But head the same thing with a Bottlehead DAC also.

It’s a pity that, even with Sierra 10.13.2…No way to recover “direct mode”!
No simplest way than the solution above??

In my mac Os 10.13.2 there is not a folder /usr/local/bin.
How can I create it?

Just type: /usr/local/
And then create a new folder name: bin

Here is the link again… don’t know what is happening with those in my dropbox:
just wait few seconds for dropbox button say download…

After pasting the three lines command in terminal and entering the password I supposed it was been an error:

chmod: sudo: No such file or directory
chmod: chown: No such file or directory
chmod: -R: No such file or directory
chmod: root: No such file or directory

but I followed the whole instructions and now have again direct mode

many thanks

The same for me !!

If you pasted the 3 lines in one shot and hit enter, i don’t know…
i didn’t wrote that code i just made the text easier to read :slight_smile:

Some users on other forum succeed by doing the 3 lines in 3 shots…
so i edited the text file to show the 2 solutions…

Now I am on High Sierra (10.3.3 Beta 17D29a) and A+ 3.2.4, and the sound quality of SoX is excellent! Everything is working fine. I deeply thank Damien for this improvement.
By the way, even with SoX, “Direct Mode ON” does sound much better :smiley: .

@ RunHomeSlow

thank you for putting together the DYI kit - much appreciated !

applied and working :sunglasses:

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Thank you, Glad to help you…
i’m on it also, A+ last, running 10.13.3 that is much better then 10.13.2
while running an headless MacMini from an old iMac on 10.11.6 with screen sharing :slight_smile: