Import 2gb+ size DSD files


I have some really big DSD512 audio files.
Those belo 2.0GB threshold are imported just fine, but the bigger ones doesn’t.

Does A+ have some kind of file size limit to be handled?

Thanks in advance!

This sounds like a file system limitation on the drive where the file is stored. You’re probably using FAT(16 bit). You may want to switch to exFAT or NTFS if you’re on a Windows PC.

The drive is NTFS and the files are all on the drive.

JRiver Media Center can see and manage the files accordingly.
Somehow Audirvana can’t seem to be able to handle those files.

I have the same issue with some DSD256 files that are over 2GB. They are sitting on my NAS, which is using btrfs. Windows shows the files just fine, and my other devices, like my Auralic Altair, can handle these, but Audirvana cannot.

Hello @ddps, why are you using btrfs on your NAS?

Because it’s an awesome filesystem for my needs, at least in the way it’s implemented on my Synology NAS (plus, the alternative is ext4). I would use ZFS if I could. Anyway, all of this should be transparent when it’s a network mount over SMB; I’m not connecting the NAS through USB. Windows and other Windows apps are able to see the >2GB files just fine; only Audirvana seems to be having a problem with them.

Can you try to follow this post made by another user of Synology NAS? Duplicate Tracks (3.5.17)

Oh yes I’ve done that. No luck.

Hello @ddps can you send us a mail at We would like to give you a link to send us one of your 2Gb+ file to run some test on our side.

Hello. Same problem for me with big DSD files from Miles Davis records. Files bigger to 2 Go are not imported in Audirvana 3.5. My files are stored in a USB hard disk. I hope this will be corrected in the future.

Curious if any progress has been made towards fixing this. I have DSD256 and DSD512 files which exceed 2gb and are not recognized by Audirvana (Windows version, 3.5.38).

Same problem here. Using wav > 2 GB there is no problem.
Other players can handle such big DSD/DSF.

Looks like it’s an issue with the Windows version.

I’m still experiencing the same issue (cannot read files over 2G size limit) in Audirvana 3.5 on Windows 10 version. May I know if this issue has been fixed yet? Thanks.

Still a problem in 3.5.

It was also a problem in AS during my trial period back in May/June. Haven’t seen any posts which indicate it’s been fixed.

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