I’m a long time user of Audirvana, and very happy with the product. One thing that is missing for me is being able to scrobble tracks played to Both ROON and Tidal apps support this, and do it well. It would be great if Audirvana added support for linking for scrobbles.

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+1 I wonder if scrobbling could also be added with an external plugin, as I noticed the Audio Units & Plugins category on this forum.

Furthermore the French streaming site Deezer already has an internal scrobbling option by connecting to in its Alerts & Sharing settings, so if Audirvana adds Deezer support, you could scrobble with that.

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Still cannot edit my postings, so I’ll add that there are several threads on other forums asking for this feature, e.g. the official support forum:

Also there seems to be a workaround with an external MPD scrobbling app described here:

Can we get some word on this feature request? It seems is ready for you guys to implement. I am using a sh script as a workaround. Not the best UX.

Just adding the GitHub link here as well:

And maybe this thread should be moved to the new subforum, so people can also vote for it:

Forgot to mention that Spotify scrobbling across all devices is also available in your connected apps settings, so if Audirvana supports Spotify streaming, it should also automatically scrobble.

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Good point, Hans! I saw you post on Reddit as well. Mind if I follow you on

Sure, go ahead, that’s why “friends” were changed to “followers” on the new site.

Hopefully there will be a better solution for scrobbling with Audirvana than the command line Python script on GitHub, but it’s better than nothing.

You probably know that you can also use a manual scrobbler for adding scrobbles to your profile, right? Most of them also allow accessing databases like MusicBrainz, Discogs or itself, e.g. when you want to add a vinyl album that you have listened to.

Thanks to Damien3 for moving the thread, too! :smile:

Adding another FYI: Deezer offers lossless FLAC streaming in their desktop app, web player and mobile apps now, in case you didn’t already know.

The lack of Last.FM integration was one of my few gripes with Audirvana (and main reason for using integrated mode).

Script works well thanks

It seems that Damien still thinks that SCROBBLING would be the equivalent to RADIO STREAMING since the other thread dealing with this was moved to “Internet Radio URL Play”.

It would be important to make clear those are two very different functions and I think almost everyone do not care much about the radio features of, but love the scrobbling.

What we want is the ability to make audirvana send to servers the name and artist of each song we listen to in order to keep tracking our listening habits in their platform. This is scrobbling.

It is a relatively simple implementation which does not deal with any music sources / quality or nothing like that.

I love the audio quality Audirvana offers but this is a feature that have been missing for years…

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Yes, I agree with this. All I require is the Scrobbling part. Just like how Roon, Plex and Tidal apps do it. I never listen to music on anyway.

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I just miss scrobbling, too.

I really love Audirvana. The sound is amazing. The only thing I am really missing, is the possibility to scrobble to Please think about. I am sure, lots of users stream from different services, that scrobble all to I really love to see my top artists and albums.


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No reaction… This can’t be too hard to implement.

Hello @Blanka, this is a User Voice page, it’s purpose is to make suggestion about change that you would like to see in Audirvana.


Ahh. Thank you, I really love Audirvana. But I am a little bit lazy to insert songs and albums manually to That would be so handy.

Stay safe!

Hello. I’ve tried running this script like a daemon and it’s possible. I used the Launch Control app and this is the plist generated. On your systems you will have to make adjustments in the paths.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">

Right, for those users who wonder what scrobbling means, check the official FAQ about it:
What is a Scrobble and what is Scrobbling?

Access to the API is free, so implementing scrobbling is rather easy, see the API overview and its related requests:

On the old site before 2015 also had an own streaming catalogue for listening to music there which was disabled on the new site. Nowadays uses either YouTube or Spotify as playback sources for their content, e.g. personalised radio stations based on your listening history or your own charts, artist and similar artists radios, tag = genre radios, recommendations etc.

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This is literally what keeps me on Roon

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Yeah. I would cancel my subscription immediately.

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I recently bought Audirvana and I’m happy because it’s a simple yet powerful music player when you have a lot of music on your NAS. However, I must say LastFM scrobbling would be a huge addition for me too, as I like to check what I was listening too at some periods of my life. Like a music journal.

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