Origin 2.5.5 & Sonoma 14.2 beta 3 still has all the issues i post

well i test the new version 2.5.5 for mac,
using sonoma 14.2 beta 3 but all the UI issues and audio glitches i had are still unfixed.

please team this could be a Christmas Gift :stuck_out_tongue: !
with love, John.

@JohnnyFire i think you should post in the same thread you make your points…
instead of making a new thread… here, no one can see what you have already mentioned…

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Indeed… i sould collect all the posts i mention and create new post to report and tell my findings.
hope antoine sees this…

You can always mention Antoine with a @ in front of his name. Then he will be flagged automatically.


done it!
thank you so much for the tip!

Hi @JohnnyFire,

I saw your posts :wink:
Note that you are using a BETA version of Sonoma, which has its own bugs. If you have the same behavior using the non beta version of Sonoma, there is a better chance we can reproduce your issue.

@Antoine my friend i was using 14.1.1 and now 14.2 beta 3 and the behaviour of the issues is the same…
i upgrade after testing the sonoma 14.1.1 with the new audirvana version 2.5.5 to the sonoma 14.2 beta 3 to see if anything can be improved but not.

the issues are the same both on stable 14.1.1 release and 14.2 beta…

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So you are talking about those, right?

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@Antoine Yes!

Will look at them as soon as possible.

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and to point something i found:
the library scanning issue has a workaround, make folder structure in my music. for example artist(folder)-album(folder)-tracks(mp3) in that way i don’t see the library scan. it happened not so much in that way. i don’t know if its something with spotlight macOS engine or something else…

plus when i have the single track repeat on, something the song stops 3 seconds before ends to replay again…to continue i need to turn off the single track repeat and then the song continues to play. yes this is a weird one too. i don’t remember if i mention that one before.

Yes, this is something I discovered recently, if you synchronize the root folder of an external drive with Mac OS, there is a permission issue that block the sync. We are working on this but there is a workaround, sync a folder inside the root folder.

@Antoine that’s what i done, i made folder structure Artist->Albums->Tracks and for now works!

(i sync the internal SSD of MAC Studio not an external one in my case)

This is something I have always done. I have a ‘music’ folder, inside this are ‘artist’ folders, inside each artist folder is the folder for each album. And simply point Audirvana to the ‘music’ folder. Seems the logical way.


its more organised indeed!