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With all the possible combinations of file types, resolutions, inputs, outputs, networking devices, listening devices, etc… AS trying to be all things to all people is probably like trying to catch a cloud in a landing net. It will never be perfect for everyone, because everyone has a different perception of what is perfect. Poor guy trying make that happen!


My point… trying to please everyone.
I have many tools that do one thing, and do it very well.
I have many applications that do one thing, and do it very well.
A 3.5 with the new audio engine would have been one app doing basically one thing, playing music, and doing it very well.
AS will probably end up being an excellent piece of software, but I prefer specialized tools, not swiss army knives. But again each to their own. Especially if it’s diffiicult to switch apps or turn the volume up or down physically, or choose a different album to play without getting out of your easy-chair.
( the last bit is just me sinking into sarcasm again )

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One good reason for not going near Roon, and software like it, it’s too many things.
I bought Audirvana way back for the only reason, I hated iTunes and it’s way of thinking it new better how I like my music categorised, and it’s general ‘nannying’.
I didn’t really consider the improved audio, though I do now, it was just the solution to my problem… I kept with it until now. AS is not an upgrade, it is a new and different application, aimed at a completely different user than I. It’s a pity 3.5 won’t be tweaked going forward… But as it works very well as is, and i don’t need to rent it, it suits.

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Why am I here? Because this is the Audirvana forum, of which I have been a subscriber since I purchased Audirvana. I got the invite to checkout AS, so I did and found it to be overkill for my needs,
the forum however still holds some interest, and remains entertaining.


Based on your logic we should only be here if you love Roon and love Audirvana Studio. Did I get it right?


Why overkill?
It’s the same thing as A3.5 + radios, podcasts & MusicBrainz tag. There’s nothing more.

Why don’t you post some more screenshots of AS with Bee Geez.


Does the MusicBrainz tag enhance your user experience with Qoubuz? Do you get nice suggestions of artists and albums to listen and to buy?

That’s interesting, but actually I asked VoyagerDude. I know that you don’t have music files, so you got no MusicBrainz tag.
I was wondering if, once the analysis was done, this tag really enhances the user experience of the streamers. It’s supposed to make to you proposals to listen and to buy music that may be new to you.

To be honest I didn’t pay much attention to the suggestions in AS yet. So I can’t comment on the accuracy or relevance. Or ease of use.

streaming integration? in 3.5?

What is streaming integration? I don’t stream.

And, I have perfectly adequate radio apps, I listen to podcasts rarely- and again there’s many options for that. I use Audirvana solely to play my digital music, no more, for which A3.5 is more than adequate for me.

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Tidal, Quobuz, and what is mistakenly called ‘radio’ these days.
That streaming.

I did not say that you need AS. I just reacted to the fact that you qualified it as “overkill” over A3.5.

Because except radios and podcasts, that are not especially useful to me neither, AS have nothing that A3.5 didn’t have already.

I know you didn’t say I needed AS. But my assertion is that AS is overkill as far as my requirements for a music player go, no more. For others it may be considered a necessity, and in some ways isn’t even enough!

OK, I understand what you meant by streaming integration.
Is it really useful? Seems like a mess to me to have your own music and the albums from the streaming service displayed together. But again, I don’t stream, and I assume that there are people who love it.

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Do you stream or not?

I don’t use subscription streaming services. There’s plenty of free streaming - it’s called radio.

Though I rarely listen to radio either. Hours of blandness, to hopefully hear a good tune!