Qobuz crashing Studio?

Long shot I know, but is anyone else having problems streaming from Qobuz?
Only begun happening today, and as Studio hasn’t been updated I’m assuming (hoping) that it’s a problem with Qobuz and not Audirvana.

With many thanks to @OffRode the problem’s now solved.
A simple disconnect/re-connect to Qobuz did the trick.

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I thought the problem with Qobuz was solved, but sadly not.
I played a local album, followed by a streamed album from Qobuz. Studio promptly froze leaving me no option but to restart Studio. After the restart I once again attempted to play an album from Qobuz and once again Studio froze.
Sadly, I’m beginning to think that the stability of the software is nowhere near good enough, especially for a product I’ve paid for.
It’s really not much use to me if I’m not able to listen to Qobuz without resorting to constant restarts.

I don’t have the problem you are experiencing. I also don’t see others on this forum experiencing this issue.

I understand from your post that your whole PC crashes and not only Studio? This is, in my experience, an indication that there is a more fundamental problem than Audirvana Studio. Can there be something wrong with your PC/OS/drivers?

If you play Qobuz via the Qobuz app does your PC crash also?

Hi Andy.
Sorry, I mistakenly wrote restart the PC, when in reality I meant restart Studio (since corrected in my post).
As far as I’m aware there have been no changes to drivers on my Win10 NUC, and the Qobuz app appears to be working perfectly using the same albums I attempted to play through Studio.

Hi @Ironz, I have a NUC too (8th generation, i5, 16 GB RAM) with Windows 11 and I don’t have the problem that Qobuz crashes Studio.

There are some things you can do to check if Windows is OK:


As a last resort: If that does not help and you are using the NUC only for music, maybe it is an idea to reset the OS? (settings / restore system) or even to install a fresh copy of Windows 11?

I know it is a pain in the b*tt. And if all the things above don’t help solving the issue, you have done a lot of work for nothing, but at least you can be reasonably sure it is not your NUC/OS.

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Hi Andy, many thanks for the response.
Thanks for the SFC link, I’ll run it later once I’ve finished work :+1:

Mine is also an 8th gen, i7, but only 8Gb of RAM.

After a PC restart, the first Qobuz album played, but the second once again crashed Studio.
Restarting Studio makes no difference to Qobuz playback, although local files still work.

I have been getting lots of crashes for several weeks now using Qobuz. Even before I did the Windows 11 update. I’ve literally had dozens and dozens. Really getting fed up with it now. Im using a laptop with Ryzen 5 4600H, 3.00ghz, 16gb. No upsampling plugged into a Chord Qutest Dac. I have to try a close Audirvana which it wont close as I get the spinning circle. I then have to shut it down manually. It seems to have a mind of its own : ( I only use it for Streaming Qobuz as Ive ditched Tidal now. I also have to restart my laptop every time I close Audirvana after it crashes and I have to manually shut it down as the programme will not re-open again.

I feel your pain @ScottieA .
@OffRode suggested that I log off of Qobuz and then back on again. This appears to work, but to me isn’t a sustainable solution as I need to do it EVERY time I use Studio.
Good luck.

Have you disconnected from Studio and qobuz both and reset router ip and restart each. Kind of a WAG but I had some log into studio issues right before your issue started. I had to log out and start over again

I remember doing the log off/log in trick when I had trouble signing in every time so I will give it a try and see if it helps with the constant crashing. Thanks


Its still doing it. In fact its done it several times already today. I went back to Qobuz on its own using the Qobuz app and it was fine. Its really annoying. I use Audirvana/Qobuz everyday for at least 4-5 hours. 7 days a week pretty much. Considering I dont use a Local library, no radio and no wi-fi, everything is hardwired its very poor. It has just done it again as I am typing this :frowning: That’s 3 times in the past 15 minutes. Come on Audirvana, sort out the simplest of problems, Please!! It sounds great but just keeps bugging out : (

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Sorry to hear that @ScottieA :frowning_face:
I really want to give Studio every chance as I find the sound quality to be excellent, but at the moment I just find it too inconsistent in it’s behaviour for my liking. I really don’t think we should be having to log off/on to Qobuz everytime we’re using it.
I still have 9 months left on my subscription, but in all honesty unless these problems are ironed-out I think I’ll probably be migrating to ROON sooner rather than later.

Also, as you say, the Qobuz app works absolutely fine.

I think it has something to do with the usb connection but I may be wrong. The smallest movement on the cable crashes Audirvana. Ive been experimenting this morning and if I move the Usb cable slightly on Qobuz app or anything else its fine. I even started to think it was the sound vibrations on the cable from the loud music. Ive tried it with my subs on and off. I also tried wiggling the usb cable ( I mean ever so slightly) using Audivana 3.5 and it crashed it. Im not a PC expert so im not sure if any of that makes sense but I can play anything else from my laptop plugging into my DAC using USB wiggle it all I want and its fine. The minimal of touch crashes Audirvana : (

I run Studio via UPnP (no USB connection) so really shouldn’t be an issue in my case.
I think that the ‘link’ between Studio and Qobuz is being lost, and as the Qobuz app works fine I’m assuming the problem lies with Studio :thinking:
Just tried again myself, and logging off/on to Qobuz didn’t do the trick as it has done previously and had to restart my PC for Qobuz to work.
Very, very frustrating.

I had to log off the Audivana app, the Qobuz App and both online accounts a couple of times this morning before it worked properly. My log in seems ok now. I was using Kernel streaming while messing about on Ebay and Facebook while listening to music, Do you think that could have anything to do with the crashes? Im tempted to buy a decent streamer and be done with it. I only need a stream transport really but not sure what, as everything these days seems to be multi Dac/streamer/wifi combo. Im happy with my Qutest Dac

I certainly wouldn’t get rid of your Chord: it’s a very good DAC.
Unfortunately I have a streamer yet still suffer the Qobuz problem so don’t know if the problem will persist even if you were to buy a new transport. Could be a waste of money.
If you DO purchase a streamer, I’d suggest you look at a model that’s ROON Ready, just in case :wink:

Hello @Ironz and @ScottieA,

Can you send us your audirvana.log at audirvana.dmp file to support@audirvana.com?
It can be in two different locations :
C:\Users[your login]\AppData\Local\Packages\Audirvana.Audirvana-[… id number that can vary]\LocalCache\Local\Audirvana\Audirvana
C:\Users[your login]\AppData\Local\Audirvana\Audirvana

to show AppData folder:

Do you have an easier explanation as to how to find the audirvana.dmp please? I use google chrome so when I get a dump file its prompts me to download the file using Internet Explorer, I click Ok but can never find the file? Infact I dont even think it completes the task as I use Chrome? I have tried using the information to find Hidden Files in the View tab but do not have any hidden files?