Will Audirvana remote continue to support 3.5

After hearing about the transition to a subscription model I am wondering: for those who choose to remain on 3.5, will the remote continue to be backwards compatible?

This is very important to me as Audirvana would be almost useless to me without the ability to use the remote app.

I appreciate Audirvana’s thought here.

Maybe there will be 2 versions , the original and a AS version. If the AS changes are as big as hinted its unlikely the current version will match

Hello @MikeO and @Mark01,

You will still be able to use the Remote with 3.5, we will make an update of the Remote when it will be ready for Studio.

After the update it will automatically detect whether you have launched Audirvana 3.5 or Studio when you launch the Remote.


Dear Damien, any idea when the new Audirvana Remote would be released ? After the Audirvana Studio release and installation, the former Audirvana Remote is not working any more. The only way of managing audirvana studio is through the PC (or MAC).


Studio is looking great, good work! Though I haven’t find a way to get the old remote to work and I can’t fins the new one. On MacBook and IOS latest versions.

You should have it for Christmas : be patient :grinning:
Some people are saying that the big part of customers are using audirvana with a computer (market analysis probably of audirvana) and this is why Remote is not a priority. Other are saying that if it would have not been free it would be a priority :grin:

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I appreciate the response. Keep up the good work!

To me, Studio is useless without remote. Hope it will be available soon or I will be looking somewhere else.

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