Windows: Non exclusive audio mode possible?

I would also like to use audirvana as an audio player if I have other audio applications running on my pc. Is it possible to start the playback mode non-exclusively?

Studio Or Orgin I’m going to assume? Preferences, Computer

I am on the Studio 2.0 Beta Test. Have an old 3.5 license. Not sure if i switch to studio or origin.

Hit the little gear next to computer in preferences pane and the switches are in there, make sure you unlock the little lock :lock: lower right corner

When I unlock the lock and then play a track it automatically locks again.

The lock is also kind of a stop button as well, a bit odd to get used to. You must unlock your lock :lock:, open preferences, hit gear to access the pane of the options you need to adjust……whew………simple :thinking:

Big counterclockwise circle basically

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In the options I can’t find an option to allow audio playback together with other windows applications.

I’m at work at the moment, so I have to do it from memory.

Settings panel - Audio Device

There should be a little cogwheel next to your chosen output. This will open the device settings including the option to turn on/off exclusive access.

Which of these?

Close that, open computer settings to the left, I think. Sorry can’t send you screenshot right now.

There is a lock which shows disabled. But when i click play the lock gets locked automatically again.

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Crap, windows different than Mac, send this question to @Antoine

Sorry mate

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Hello @Bugs,

It’s a setting you can’t change. Unfortunately on Windows the system get exclusive access on your device by default otherwise you won’t be able to play to your device with Audirvāna.

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Ok thanks for the clarification. Then I know about it.

I have now found out that if I activate the kernel mode and then in Voicemeeter Banana as an output device my Steinberg UR22 with ASIO then I have simultaneously sound from Audirvana Studio 2.0 and the Windows sound.

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So i just started a Audirvana Trial just to find out that its unusable for me most of the time

i get it that exclusive sound increases sound quality but listening to background music while also allow other windows sounds to go through is a huge QoL improvement, why audirvana cant offer exclusive and non exclusive mode like the Qobuz Windows Software??? @Antoine

i just started a user poll here: Add Non Exclusive Mode


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well i understand that you say this because exclusive is the best but there is no reason to not have the OPTION to use non exclusive mode

There’s also no reason have non-exclusive mode…
Your poll, my answer.

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