Songs stop playing seconds from the end (the definitive edition)

Okay so Audirvana has this recurring bug and it is still not resolved. I have always had it through all its updates and so have others. I am attaching the following image to show just a few examples of this. There must be something in the code that is programmed incorrectly somewhere. Wish I could create a poll to see how many people actually have this issue. It is not confined to PC or MAC, nor songs on your hard drive vs streaming it seems.


This is such a frustrating bug. It happens both when streaming from an online service (in my case, Tidal) and when playing Flac files over a local network.
Currently Audirvana is a music playing app that fails to play music.

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Problème quasi systématique depuis la version 3.5.45.
Je ne constate le problème qu’en streaming QOBUZ

Totally agree. Audirvana as it stands is verging on useless. I’ve had this problem from the beginning & the response implies it’s my Naim streamer. Yet I can go for a week without the problem & then it will only play 2 tracks before stopping. How can that be the steamer? Really fed up with this.

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So far this is what I have, anyone want to add to it?

My situation is the follows:

  • I am on an INTEL NUC PC with 8Gb of Ram
  • I run a fully stripped down Win10 install with very little background tasks that only runs Audirvana
  • I connect to a DAC by the USB protocol
  • Oversampling is turned on
  • 3Gb allocated for preload
  • I only play songs from my own library never streaming
  • My songs are pulled from my remote media server (Win10) using ethernet
  • Ethernet is run through 1GbE switches


  • tracks stop playing within 3-7 (appx) seconds of the end of the track
  • Tracks can be 16bit, 24bit flac files or DSF files
  • problem is intermittent
  • absolutely does not happen all the time on every song
  • seems to happen to about 1/3 of my tracks though
  • never seem to know when it will happen

Bonjour Ă  tous,
Je constate aussi depuis la version 3.5.45 un arrêt 7 ou 8 secondes avant la fin d’une piste que ce soit dans ma bibliothèque comme dans Qobuz et ceci aussi bien sur Mac Big Sur que sur Windows 10 à jour
Très frustrant.
Merci de trouver un remède

It was suggested to me that Audirvana has found the bug. Another member " nobodyknows" told me to turn off my upsampling within Audirvana. So I did.

The result for me was that after playing about 40 songs, not one was truncated. I have to assume that by now I would have had at least 15 songs cut out at the end. So that may have been the bug for me for the last 6 months. Extremely frustrating.

However unlike " williambillcard" another member with this problem, I am listening to songs off my server. While he is still having the problem through Qobuz. I also want to subscribe to Qobuz shortly and would hate to have this experience through Audirvana.

I hope this helps out at least a few people. It has been an extremely frustrating bug that has actually made me listen to my music a lot less in the last few months and made my listening experience a lot less enjoyable.

As a side note: I had a one point even contemplated loading up Plex and ditching the wonderful audio quality that I have enjoyed with Audirvana. I cannot wait for the next major version release of this software, I hope it really adds some of the obvious missing functionality and fixes a ton of bugs that I have been logging.

If the problem is as random as you say, I suspect it could be very difficult to track down. I appreciate that’s little comfort for you and I sincerely hope that a solution will be found soon.
I’m a new user of Audirvana, having had it recommended to me by the manufacturer of the DACs I use, and so far I have experienced no problems whatsover when playing files from a fast solid state drive. (Windows environment). I have been impressed by how easy it was to set up and it also seems to provide better audio quality than I obtained from the previous software I was using…

same problem here for a while, stop playing the last 5 to 9 sec but only when streaming Qobuz, and worst of all does not continue next song.
Please !

I don’t really want to jump ship, but I can’t cope with not being able to reliably play music at home. I’m currently on a 14 day Roon trial which does at least seem to be able to stream an album without stopping.

Not unlike yourself this bug made me enjoy music a lot less, so I know how you feel. But Roon sounds terrible. Or just maybe my system is just good enough to hear the differences now-a-days. I had a subscription to it but I dropped it for the ever buggy Audirvana.

To me the differences are clear, Roon is better if you like a fantastic curated music experience (and damn it is a great one) with an extremely slick UI but don’t mind less than stellar sonics, and Audirvana is more for those of us who like the minimalist interface approach (much too minimalist with the functionality) but enjoy listening to quality sound reproduction.

I have gritted my teeth with Audirvana but stayed with it. I am hoping that the major upgrade is not only free (sometimes using the software makes me feel like a beta tester) or at an inexpensive upgrade price but that all the bugs are ironed out from this version.

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It sounds that everybody having problems should reduce their system configuration to a basic hardware set-up to get a baseline assessment of where the issue actually exists… When you have identified or eliminated the issue, then build-out from this point… You must eliminate all potential technical influences and potential interrupts…

I personally have not experienced this problem… I play all formats and sample-rates from a local hard-drive and up-sample all 16/44.1kHz and 352.8kHz to DSD128 with an AU plug-in for HTRF up to 384kHz in the signal-path prior to up-sampling… I’m skeptical of third-party ripped SACD ISO files and any file that is not legitimately acquired as to the integrity of the data… Network distribution via Ethernet is not immune to technical issues and using USB hubs, etc can pose issues as well.

I use Audirvana on a MacBook Pro sending output data via Thunderbolt 4 to a PCIe expansion chassis that hosts my USB interface card…My USB flow is direct from the USB 3.0 interface to the DAC (USB 3.0 protocol separates the request signaling on separate wires) via iGalvanic3 where the data and power are isolated, re-clocked and filtered and the 5v feed is eliminated to the DAC using iDefender+ on a very short USB 2.0 cable… I don’t subscribe to streaming services, however I can see where internet bandwidth issues and system buffer settings, switches, etc, would be something to analyze…

Hi. Yes, I have the same problem. Hiw to fix it?

So, after spending good money on Audirvana in the hope of it solving my issues with running Qobuz to an older Naim NDX, I’ve now given up.
The product is deeply flawed. The designers are expecting their clients to do the testing - after having paid for it!
I have therefore moved on & found a Roon Extension the works perfectly.
Thanks for all the help.

Has anyone heard if Audirvana is addressing this issue? Very frustrating.

Yep, all of these bugs are super annoying - these problems wouldn’t fly with most other companies.

I understand if someone is doing some extremely fringe use-case, but a lot of these problems are basic usability.

Reviewers usually are super positive about the software, but they use it for a pretty short period of time; I wish a reviewer who had the software long term would write something that puts a bit of fire under Audirvana’s feet to get something done. Or they should just get out of the business entirely instead of taking money from folks and giving them busted software with little to no support.

Hello everyone,

Does this issue of tracks stop playing seconds before the end occurs when you have upsampling activated?

If it’s the case, if you disable it, does the issue still occur or not at all? To find a way to fix this issue we need to know the device you try to play to and how you are connected to it (Ethernet/Wi-Fi ,USB or even if you are using your computer speakers). With those information we may be able to reproduce it on our side.

Everyone please see the thread above and contribute so we can squash this nasty bug!

Since I started this thread I will repeat what I wrote earlier to get people started:

  • I am on an INTEL NUC PC with 8Gb of Ram
  • I run a fully stripped down Win10 install with very little background tasks that only runs Audirvana
  • I connect to a DAC by the USB protocol
  • 3Gb allocated for preload
  • I only play songs from my own library never streaming
  • My songs are pulled from my remote media server (Win10) using ethernet
  • Ethernet is run through 1GbE switches

Issue (with upsampling on):

  • when playing tracks that can be 16bit, 24bit flac files or DSF files, tracks stop playing within 3-7 (appx) seconds of the end of the track
  • problem is intermittent, never seem to know when it will happen
  • does not happen all the time on every song, happens to about 1/3 of my tracks though

Issue (with upsampling off):

  • tracks play properly but no upsampling now

I use a Mac mini 2012 with Mac OS High Sierra (I do not feel the necessity to upgrade to any more recent)
I notice that nobody has mentioned if their “random” interruptions happen if their current playlist has been altered in any way.
I for one, am mostly experiencing “short play” or “wild skips” when I alter the current playlist by re-ordering the tracks, inserting new ones, or deleting tracks from it?
As for the matter of upsampling, what good is it to have this feature if it is to be coerced in not using it even if on our system, the sound is better that way?
I am increasingly short of polite words to qualify Audirvana’s customer experience…

I have the same issue, with the following details:

  • Occurs randomly (not all songs)
  • Song cut short just before the end, but next song plays
  • Happens both with upsampling on or off
  • I have not had it happen with my local music library, only streamed music (Tidal)
  • On wifi
  • Using an iMac with latest version of Audirvana