Unable to open an audio file for playback

There doesn’t seem to be any correlation between the ability to play a file and whether its MQA or not. It’s completely random.

For instance, Bill Frisell East/West album (Master) plays fine:

Whereas its brother, “Further East/Further West” (also Master) doesn’t play at all:

The same incoherence applies to about half the standard lossless albums in my Tidal’s favorites.

Looks like it’s working today (so far). Thanks for the fix. Working well now.

Can audirvana support please confirm if

(a) the cause for the anomaly with Tidal playback has been identified

(b) a fix has been rolled out


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Still doesn’t work on my side. Can you please try with the albums I posted earlier and confirm the both play on your side?


No, your album will not open for me either. Plus, the skipping on tracks still continues. I am moving over to Roon. Got my $80 worth out of Audirvana already, though I bought it as a lifetime service. Not happy about that. After all is said and done, it would appear that there is no fix. I’m not waiting any longer for one. I have no interest in Audirvana Studio. I don’t need it, and it played funky on my Mac. Best wishes.

I’ve been using Roon for the last 5 or 6 years on my Mac without a single glitch. I wanted to give Audirvana a try but I’m not convinced I’ll do the switch.

Hi Audirvana support,
Can you please resolve this issue, I am struggling to reliably use your software which I would very much like to. I can confirm that moving to High from Master on Tidal allows me to play the album. But I want to stream in Master quality.

hey apra,

Having emailed support with my Console log they’ve subsequently requested I also send a Terminal log and provided the necessary commands.

However this has proved a much greater challenge for me. I’m not familiar with Terminal (never having cause to use it in 25 years) and am not confident with the process of entering commands etc. I only have music in my head.

I’m encouraged that Audirvana are working toward finding a fix but feel totally out of my depth technically and concerned about potential damage to the computer as a consequence of my rudimentary understanding ie., f**king things up.

If you know your way around a mac/Terminal you may have greater success than me at yielding the information Support now require. Though perhaps best to email them directly for the command details.


Hi Horse,
I am a software engineer myself and very proficient with computers. I have provided the info they are looking for. It was not much information that got generated. It complains about not having access to media keys, despite it having those permissions.

a@sh1052 / % Applications/Audirvana.app/Contents/MacOS/Audirvana
2021-10-17 21:36:06.019 Audirvana[2080:229513] Mediakeys listening: error getting event Port
2021-10-17 21:36:14.663 Audirvana[2080:229513] Mediakeys listening: error getting event Port
2021-10-17 21:36:14.726 Audirvana[2080:229513] Error getting volume uuid for /Volumes/Recovery/ retrying once

Today, none of the two albums I posted previously are loading anymore. Is there a ticket number I can refer to if I want to contribute to the debugging process?

Same issue on tidal with qyality > = lossless for me. Same work around(high instead master) catalina 10.15.7 audirvana 3.5.50 mac mini late 2012. P.s. i can play master on tidal in the past.
@antoine, can you give a status on this bug. We are a lot to pay for a tidal hifi subscribtion but we can’t play any lossless or master. Thank’s
p.s. Si tu es plus à l’aise en Français pour le debug, n’hésites pas. Je suis francophone mais je ne sais pas si c’est plus pratique en anglais ou français sur ce forum.

Same issue here, exactly as @boivinsblg described above. Audirvana 3.5.50 Mac mini 2010 High Sierra.

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We have exactly the same system/configuration. I don’t think it’s a matter of lossless or master format, because there are lots of MQA albums that play just fine. Sometimes, an MQA album that was playing fine won’t play anymore. For instance, the following two albums won’t play anymore, but the first one did 14 days ago:

Bill Frisell East/West album (Master)
“Further East/Further West” (also Master) doesn’t play at all:

Now the following MQA album plays fine for the time being:
Nathaniel Rateliff - And It’s Still Alright

The following album (non Master) never loads:
Noir Desir, Des Visages Des Figures

Je suis francophone aussi, and willing to help out debugging this issue as I’m rather in my element working in a UNIX terminal.


Hi Audirvana support, can you please keep us updated on the progress of this issue ? Going silent on an issue affecting many of us is not a good thing. I hope to hear from you all.


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Hello everyone,

We asked to get logs about this issue and unfortunately we have not been able to clearly understand why some of you have this issue to specific track/albums. We think the issue might be geographical related.

For the moment we have not found a way to reproduce the issue on our side. As soon as we are able to reproduce it, we can find how to fix it.

Thanks Antoine for the update.

As of this morning, all my Tidal albums are loading and playing without issue, regardless of their format. I’m keeping an eye on the terminal and will send out the log should the issue surfaces again.


Update: Since yesterday, half of the albums I try to play in Tidal won’t load; irrespective of their format. I can’t figure what may have changed since the previous day where all of them would play just fine.

Hi Antoine,
I was asked to generate logs after starting the application from terminal. But unfortunately it does not generate any logs other than asking for permission to media keys (which it already has) and something about a volume it is unable to load. I am still able to stream Tidal at quality == High, but nothing above that. I was briefly working from the East Cost of the US a couple of weeks back and was able to stream in Master quality. But out here in the West coast I cannot.

apra, I’m presently in SoCal , would you like to give me a couple of albums to test this? I have Mac mini and tidal master subscription.

Hi Antoine and Damien,

Having the same problems as Lull and Apra report, with 3.5.50 on a mac mini and that I had reported back in late august. Issue had resolved, but is now back and even worse.

Just with Tidal, NOT with Quobuz, which works fine

  1. Many albums will simply not load. Hit the play button. Loading… then Unable to load…

  2. Some albums start halfway through on the 3rd or 4th tracks, when I click to start on the first.

  3. Some start fine, but jump and skip in odd ways: jump back a second or so and play from there; end tracks early and jump to the next one before it finishes; skip tracks or just jump to the end the album and stop.
    Please help.