ZEN Stream with Audirvana setup

I would like to use ZEN Stream with Audirvana, are there anyone can tell me how? I can not find Audirvana under ZEN Stream output, I can not find Zen Stream under Audirvana’s out put too. I tried use USB connect to ZEN but didnt work too. And Zen & my Macbook is on the same network already.

Can you post a copy of the “Debug Info” when the Zen is connected on USB and ethernet?

Edit: Reading the manual. I don’t think you can use it like an USB DAC.

In which mode is the ‘system mode selector’ on the back of the streamer?
Did you follow this steps?

Zen connect ethernet
Zen USB output to Topping DAC
Audirana (Macbook Pro) connect to ethernet
Zen - System mode set (AIO) Thats the Zen tech support told me.

(with the above setting I can use Spotify, Tidal to select output to IFI Streamer) But when open Audirana, I cant find IFI stream @ output option area.

So you can select the ZEN in spotify on the same MacBook?

If you can share the debug info from Audirvana we can see if Audirvana detects the Zen.

Yes I can select Zen in Spotify and Tidal in the same Macbook.

How & where to find the debug info from Audirvana? Sorry I am new to this…

After opening the debug info all you need to do is paste it here.

Don’t forget to remove your personal information from the info. At the top is your name and email address.

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Haaa…for some reason the IFI did appear now. Thanks for your advice. The Audirvana upsampling then output from Zen to the DAC, which make the sound almost perfect!!!

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